Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Superintendent/ health condition

Tribune is reporting that Dr. Lane has a "manageable health condition" not affecting her ability to lead the district:



Questioner said...

At a meeting last spring Mark Brentley asked Dr. Lane about her health and Dr. Lane said her health is fine. So it is not clear if this is a new condition or a non-issue (plenty of people have some sort of health issue) or what.

Questioner said...

PG article noting that despite an undisclosed ailment Lane intends to stay for the full term of her contract which ends in Jan 2014:


Anonymous said...

She needs to stay to get her lucrative pension

who cares about 15k

she's got her eyes on the prize

Questioner said...

Doesn't she reach the necessary 5 year mark within a few months, rather than at the end of her 3 year contract?

Anonymous said...

Yes, she will be vested soon. So...will she leave soon...and take all of the broadies with her?

Anonymous said...


This question is directed towards former board member Mr. Randall Taylor.

What is the 'oath of office' for PPS board?