Saturday, May 19, 2012

Breaking the Silence

On another post Anonymous wrote:

Breaking the Silence, The mistreatment of teachers byron opals. This is an excellent read!

Truly a groundbreaking effort and one that deserves serious attention. (Don Saul, AASA American Superintendent of the Year, 2000 )

The book is based on extensive research, loaded with real examples, and it reflects the authors' concern to improve the conditions of all schools. Because of the book's comprehensive focus, it will be valuable to practitioners, fledgling administrators, and other educators who are striving to improve the conditions in schoools. (George E. Pawlas, Professor of Educational Leadership The School Administrator, January 2003 )

Breaking the Silence is the first empirical report of the actual experiences of abused teachers; that is, what constitutes principal mistreatment and its impact on teachers and their work. (Chicago Union Teacher, May 2003 )
Blase and Blase sound the alarm on principals’ mistreatment of teachers, and begin the important work of finding constructive solutions. Not just an exposé for the purpose of raising awareness, the book is also a guide, providing practical strategies for preventing and correcting this mistreatment. (Georgia Association of Teachers (NEA) Newsletter, 2003 )

Required reading for educators around the country.

Long overdue, and finally brings this serious problem to the public’s attention.

Phenomenal…every abused teacher’s story on every page. (American Society for Ethics in Education website )

The book fell from cyberspace…the answer to our prayers.
Blase & Blase have the integrity to reveal what has been a very deep, dark, destructive secret.

The descriptors of abuse are so accurate that few teachers could read this book without pits in their stomachs and tears rolling down their eyes. (National Association for the Prevention of Teacher Abuse website )


Moe said...

Teachers are abused? That's certainly true. And when teachers are abused, students suffer.

But no one cares, at least not in Pittsburgh.

The voters keep on re-electing the same old board members. Regina Holley is a refreshing exception to that rule, but she and Brentley are just two people. They have no power to make any changes. Brentley cannot get answers to even simple questions!

The board itself kept Roosevelt's abusive and counterproductive programs alive by replacing him with Lane. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

And here's the worst part of all. The union re-elected the very people who signed off on the PPS's abusive, anti-teacher evaluation system!

Unless Holley and Brentley can somehow rally the community, I really don't see any hope for the PPS. I fear we are past the tipping point. It's a slow, irreversible downhill slide.

Pittsburgh's scores will continue to languish at the bottom of the state. And Lane's girls will continue to push a rigid curriculum, based on the latest fads. More teachers will crack under the stress.

More city residents who can leave, will leave. Those who can't leave will be forced to send their children to chaotic and unproductive schools.

That's why I won't be posting here anymore. It's a futile fight at this point. The last PFT election sealed it for me.

If that makes me a quitter, so be it. And sorry for all the negativity with this post. I have to call it as I see it.

Thanks so much to Questioner and the other blog administrators for making this site available. If you can continue fighting, more power to you, and good luck.

Mark Rauterkus said...

One of my rules of engagement and bits of advice, "Don't burn out."

Live to fight another day.

Bye for now.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 11:38, It is a downhill slide and it will be irreversible until there is an educationally knowledgeable team at Central Office from Superintendent on down.

The Pittsburgh Business Times published their 2012 School Ranking Report on April 6, 2012.

In the seven county Western Pennsylvania Region,

PPS GRADE RANKS (out of 105)
11th grade rank (out of 104 local):93
8th grade rank (out of 105 local): 94
7th grade rank (out of 105 local): 94
6th grade rank (out of 105 local): 98
5th grade rank (out of 105 local): 92
4th grade rank (out of 105 local): 98
3rd grade rank (out of 105 local): 99

Statewide rank (out of 496): 474

The RESULTS of this year's PSSA for EVERY STUDENT who took the test should be released at the end of the first week in JUNE.

Anonymous said...

Also from Business Times-- please note which schools were at the bottom in tri state area-- I am NOT criticizing those hard workign teachers but... to say they are the BEST-- based on WHAT? Some bully's principal's opinion on how well they follow the script and dont speak out against the system.
Wouldnt want to suggest that students need the big C (consequences!)

Anonymous said...

Please break down the last comment so that it makes more sense. "bottom"?? "BEST"???
Please quote from the Business Times to make your point.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am wondering here about what happens when teachers are exited through RISE. I had heard from someone earlier this week that the district keeps the district's part f the pension. Is that true? Like, a teacher who has worked here for 15 years but isn't at the age limit fr early rite ent gets exited without the district's match? That is so ruthless. How can this be happening?

Anonymous said...

Okay to continue the Business Times discussion-- besides the whole school ranking already listed the schools were listed by grade level ranking. The number of schools are different due to different schools having different grades as an elementary school but here are the bottom of the list- as in out of 321 schools that test 3rd graders:
317 Kelly school (wilkinsburg)
318 Pgh Murray
319 Pgh Faison
320 Pgh King
321 Duquesne Consoladated

4th grade out of 306:
302 Pgh Murray
303 Pgh Faison
304 Pgh Northview
305 Pgh King
306 Duquesne Consoladated

5th Grade
275 Clairton
276 Pgh Northview
277 Pgh Faison
278 Duquesne
279 Pgh King

Again this is NOT against these teachers whose hands have been tied by iane discipl;ine policies. But to continuous read in the national media that "poor Pittsburgh " is forced to lose their best teachers is nuts-- especially now that it has become accepted as truth since so many papers said it!
Also two of these schools are to become "prison schools"-- so leaving out scores, these BESTS havent been allowed to gain order either.
Now I know- figures lie and liars figure-- and Faison because of reorganization will have nothing to compare to the year before.
But to keep saying BEST is looking more and more bizarro. And When you see where all the other schools in the arewa rank- you have to wonder if these expensive carpetbagging consultants are the BEST that our board can come up with!
Oh yeah you can get this special edition of the business times at most Giant Eagles. Well worth the 6.50 for 40 pages of school rankings.