Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer programs offered by PPS


Questioner said...

From the article:

Eddie Willson, director of the Summer Dreamers Academy, said research shows that two-thirds of the achievement gap between students from high- and low-income families comes from summer learning loss.

"We understand the need for high-quality summer programming that goes beyond just remedial or punitive summer school model," he said.

"Our kids deserve a really high-quality camp to go to."

- Is 2/3 of the achievement gap between students from high and low income families really due to "summer learning loss"?

Questioner said...

On another post Anonymous wrote "Despite a tight budget Pittsburgh Public Schools is putting together an array of summer offerings for more than 3600 students ...

As a taxpaying parent, this exhibits a true waste of federal and grant money when expected furloughs are emminent in 45o range.

I elicited this information for bloggers to read becuae. ,,,


All the money going to teacher salaries.

Last summer, when the program was expanded to K-8 and offered at more sites, 3,400 on average participated each day, making the per student cost $1,400 or the total about $6.3 million. About 5,400 were enrolled. I was told teachers were paid $6000 to work a half day.

Wilson quotes for this year

This year, about 2,300 are expected to attend at an average cost of $1,200 per child or $2.9 million total. THIS is for four weeks-seems we need to investigate.

This is outrageous #2.9 millon-where the money should be going into the regular classroom instruction.

Thr Board and Union wasting taxpayer money and private funding for teachers to receive $5000 or more for 4 weeks of works-add Westinghouse in the mix.

Again, a true example of folibles of funding for high=paying ADM and teachers to make extra money-when they are making close to $85,0000 or more and do not live in the city of Pittsburgh.

With taxpaper money quote the research or research source to BACK THIS UP this statement to keep job.

Eddie Willson, director of the Summer Dreamers Academy, said research shows that two-thirds of the achievement gap between students from high- and low-income families comes from summer learning loss."

Questioner said...

A Pittsburgh area (not PPS) teacher set up an entire website on the achievement gap:

- Summer learning loss is barely mentioned as a cause and summer learning camp is not one of the solutions offered. From the website:

“The most promising school-related strategies for reducing the black-white test score gap seem
to involve changes like reducing class size, setting minimum standards of academic competency
for teachers and raising teachers’ expectations for low-performing students.”

Moe said...

"...research shows that two-thirds of the achievement gap between students from high- and low-income families comes from summer learning loss."

One of the most useless (and dangerous) phrases in education is "research shows."

Don't believe me? Skim through one of those education journals that the administrators are so fond of quoting.

Their so-called research studies constantly contradict each other. And they produce nothing but expensive fads. Remember how the "research showed" that open classrooms were the way to go?

And remember how the "research showed" that the bigger the high school, the better? (That's why Brashier High School is so huge, by the way.)

Bottom line: educational research is 99% unreliable. I'd trust the judgment of a panel of parents or teachers any day.

Anonymous said...

Taxpayer friends-- check into cost of Giant Eagle cardspaid to students for attendance and the cost of bussing students since dreamers camps are mpre spread out.
Also, somehow we seem to assume that the grant money calls the shots -- and octen it does. But more and more we are reading of proposals that pps puts to the foundations, which they accept or reject. Has anyone gotten a group together- taxpayers, citizens someone to propose that some group foot the bill for preventing the huge classes next year? This could be based on research that does say that low achieving students suffer more when class sizes are large. One strength pps used to have was that in some of the disadvantaged schools, class sizes were small. Of course, that is why they got right- sized. One of the biggest changesfor both students and teachers was the sheer size of classes during the first year of right sizing.. Now we will have more teachers and children surprised by these huge classes. Remember too that they cut supprt services too-- why cant there be a grant for class size limits?

Anonymous said...

ANON 1:32 PM and to all . . . . .

Giant Eagle Gift Cards!!!

How inviting for adults…. Read on.

Let’s say $10 each- can pine over or imagine the cost alone at this low per diem to attend Summer Dreams is at least a Quarter of a million. With the per diem the Giant Eagle card can buy any item from food, etc . to gas for family.

I WANT TO KNOW-name the person at the Board that got the GIANT EQUAL PERKS TO BUY GAS!!!!!!

Yes, this needs investigated.
PER DIEM to attend school.

Where were our Board members that fine-tune the votes to pay for this expenditure-maybe they got free gas.

I hate to say this but they voice not enough gas against spending Dreamers money-and what FOUNDATION maybe bought the cards and using the GE Pels to bu their own people gas to drive.

Please posters-I like answers for the rationale of this BAIT to go to Dreamers at taxpayers’ expense.

Anonymous said...

What research? Please. It is a ridiculous statement made by Eddie Wilson that two-thirds of the achievement gap between students . . . . comes from summer learning loss?

PPS cannot show any learning gain or reduction in the achievement gap as a result of their summer programs.

Unfortunately, the year-round programs in PPS for the past five years have not shown any statistically significant academic gains for any student groups or existing schools. If you go beyond the PR to the facts, it is not difficult to document.

Anonymous said...

There is "research" to support or refute just about any contention that you choose to put forward. Everyone knows that to be true and it is frequently cited by university professors.

Research-based is a favorite phrase that PPS attaches to any proposal or program. However, when questioned by Board members or others, central administration is unable to cite the research. Sad, sad, sad. The level of trust for statements coming from 341 S. Bellefield has diminished to almost non-existent in recent years. PR has rendered PPS research claims invalid and unreliable due to hyperbole and inaccuracy.

Anonymous said...

This should be called the “Eddie Wilson Blog Entry. “

After reading this entry, Eddie Wilson has been cited at least three time –with even unsubstantiated evidential quote.
He now can be considered, off the record; as a qualified researcher due to his frequent quotes for citations.

It is not PR, but propaganda.

If I was not a US citizen living in the US, I would think this is a third world country tactic from a regime.

When this Summer Dreamers closes Shop after this upcoming summer fiasco, as a baby-sitting service, we hope to dream!

Eddie Wilson and crew are in the Unemployment line filing for UC with the furloughed PPS Staff.

With his use of research-he probably has a resume full of inadequate quotes to justify his purpose.

He will probably get a great job with the local County foundations.
He could consider himself as a Director of Development, writing grants with potentially false representations to gain millions to fund wasteful spending on projects.

Anonymous said...

whoops might have left this on the wrong thread

Mark Rauterkus said...

I am leading Swimming and Water Polo Camp in Pgh Hill District this summer. We'll swim at Ammon Rec Center Pool (outdoors) and the new Thelma Lovette YMCA (indoors).

Questioner said...

On a post that is not coming through due to a technical problem with the program, Anonymous wrote:

This should be posted because is this an answer for justification.

Anonymous said...whoops might have left this on the wrong thread 6:31 PM

Went to web site-typed in Dreamers and found a lot replicate jargon like You Aim High and a lot of other similarities that have affiliations that link it to Dreamers-you can utilize or reproduce by membership.

$999 fee for a district like PPS

As well as a search link for “Summer Dreamers “ to one of our local Pgh Papers.

It is an easy method with marketing to make reliability as a theoretical gimmick for non-educators to substantiate their potential presence to make money for financial gain.

Yes, using research any which way for proving their presence as a need for summer school.

As for Mark Rauterkus it is great that your on board for Dreamers, but as a parent of students I have many reservations with this program and money over the past 3 years.

Kapt Kaos said...

Anonymous May 14, 2012 3:44 PM
stated that "Eddie Wilson and crew are in the Unemployment line filing for UC with the furloughed PPS Staff." While Eddie has been here since Rooselvet hired him. He gets jobs after jobs. They state that his job has been cut you look he has a new title and more money. Soo I think he will have yet another job with LANE AND CO.