Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Oliver student hospitalized

On another post Anonymous wrote:

Student hospitalized after fight at Oliver High School

WPXI Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Public Schools spokeswoman Ebony Pugh said the student was taken to an area hospital Monday by paramedics. His name and condition have not been ...


This ahould be a seperate thread.


Just Passing By said...

Here's the first paragraph of the article:

"OLIVER, Pa. — One student was hospitalized Monday after a fight at Oliver High School."

How can we expect the media to accurately report on PPS conditions when they actually think Oliver High School is located at a place called Oliver, Pa?

Anonymous said...

Than You for doing more than Just passing thru . . .

I wanted poeple realize the PR issues of our local media and the PPS district PR team.

Than you for seeing how lucky PPS had the location listed in another cjity.

This needs to be discussed necause PPS got an fudgey out with this err.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that the ADM let this get out of the building. There have been other incidents of violent student on student attacks this year. These have been kept out of the eye of the media. Still no reports about the sword that was discovered in the cafeteria a few months ago. It was shuttled quietly out the back door.

Anonymous said...

From another thread, someone asked about other pertinent information about this incident. Guarantee you that all information will be kept very secret . The administrators work very hard at keeping things from getting out. I know they read this blog...nice job boys, too bad this time you couldn't keep it quiet. Watch out staff... It will be taken out on you. How many days left.....hang in there!

Yours truly, a former Oliver Bear who was lucky to get out!

Anonymous said...

Can someone report the error to the reporter?

Moe said...

Anon 3:54

There's only one reason this story got out. It's because the CITY paramedics were called.

As much as they'd like to, the administration can't stop the city paramedics from filing a report.

That's why the school district rarely calls the city police. Administration can manipulate the school police like puppets, but they cannot manipulate the city police.

Maybe the district will form its own school paramedic unit. That way they can hide injuries as well as crimes.

Anonymous said...

Bad news the secret is out ,crimes do happen in pps schools.Let the ladies fall starting with lane and Jerry lippert ,and French .

Anonymous said...

Several months ago a female student was jumped. She was beaten so badly that her nose was broken...no report to paramedics, just the family to quietly come and get her. Not sure if she ever returned what happened to the attacker. Once these students go to Perry, the behaviors won't change. Hopefully, Nina will have the courage to handle these situations out in the open. I will be watching from the sidelines, counting my blessings that I got out in one piece! The staff at Oliver is an amazing group of teachers, very dedicated. You guys deserve better.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:12 If they did that then we wouldn't have the problem we have with fadzen it would have been settled months ago and he would still be still running safety.pps own paramedics .

Anonymous said...

Questioner, how anonymous are these postings? I am sure once school is out and Oliver is closed, the posts about Oliver and the truth about the Adm will sky rocket! Right now the staff morale is so bad, everyone is in survival mode. I wish only the best for this group of teachers.

Anonymous said...

Survival mode is is many of the schools....it is very unfortunate that this is what teaching/learning has become.

Anonymous said...

Oliver Teachers 1
Oliver principal 0

I just open up my mail from the PFT to discover that the unsatisfactory ratings that were given inappropriately to six tenured teachers were successfully grieved and WON!!!! One of these, that I know of, was given by this principal. A bit of advice for the future...READ THE CONTRACT BOOK! You're carelessness cost the district needless legal fees to fight this. This should come out of your end of year bonus!

Anonymous said...

I placed in earlier for review-just post one.

Well, thank heavens paramedics were called-usually first the firemen arrive in their big red truck before medics. They are city workers that live in the city and they do vote because they want to keep their jobs.

It appears Fadzen kept a lid what would boil over to the press and media.

As a parent Didn’t realize, what is the big fuss over Fadzen. Why doesn’t he just take heat for doing something wrong, but I can see and feel why he fought them hard.
He was everything to their PR cleaning up and hiding incidents from the public.
If they let him go-we know more. He was their clean-up man.

I apologize for, looking at Fadzen as guilty-even if he was at fault-he had every right to shed light on the PPS for not being taken carry of-he took care of them.

By the way
How is the May 15th Big Support Rally going with APlus against teachers furloughs?

Any parents attending?

Other than the Mayor, the PPS ADM and our present PPS security detail.

My answer to all future furloughed PPS employees and teachers that are cut from their buildings displaced that must move to an open slot and across all segments of PPS job titles from PARAS, secretaries, etc.- all take the same sick day-yes have a Quiet sick out .

Oh my!!

Questioner said...

The student is "expected to survive." Pretty serious so PPS needs to get serious about escalating violence in our public schools.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Fadzen, what is taking so long to hear the decision of the inquest?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the A+ rally. If lots of people show up, I'm sure we'll see it on the news and hear all about it. If not so many show up, we won't see and hear much. Maybe admin. all brought their friends/ringers.

Anonymous said...

If Fadzen was the clean up man, why do they want him gone. He's gone because he wouldn't 'clean up.' He refused to hide things. He cared about the kids. The kids were first. That's something the administration didn't do and still doesn't. If he was still at work, his department would have called the paramedics first thing and started the investigation of how this happened. He was a Police Chief who had to abide by the laws of Pennsylvania not the School District. That's what they didn't get. And he wasn't wrong...he had jurisdiction on the stop, that was proven. It's no longer an issue. So before you convict him for what the ladies tried to prove and didn't, check your facts.

Anonymous said...

Check the news. Uprep teacher attacked in upper parking lot gin involved

Questioner said...



Questioner said...

There doesn't seem to be anything in the online news about an incident at U Prep.

Anonymous said...

It was a gun, NOT gin! Too soon to report. Dr lane just left!

Anonymous said...

May 16 7:02 AM

You are absolutely correct. They want Fadzen out because he knows the real deal of violence and criminality in PPS as well as at Bellefield. That's why they want him out. He's an unwilling participant in Central Admin's quest to keep things hush hush.

The same nonsense happened with the Chief of Finance, Berdnik. He went toe to toe with Roosevelt and all of his spending. Lane carried out Roosevelt's plan and finally moved Berdnik out of PPS. Notice how there's a "no talk" order on his departure. I'm sure PPS paid good money to have him go away quietly.

How can our Board members not ask the difficult questions? I hope that Dr. Holley shakes things up. She's one smart cookie who was never intimidated to ask difficult questions as a principal when she was employed by the system.

Funny how life can take a 360 turn. Now those in charge need to answer the difficult questions Dr. holley poses since she is technically one of their bosses. Let's see if Dr. Holley's questions can spark some questions for other Board members other than Brentley. Come on Board members, it's called, critical thinking!
The public needs more than two Board Members who can display this skill. Ask the difficult questions and hold Central Office Administrators accountable!