Friday, May 25, 2012

Debate over layorr criteria

From the PG:


Anonymous said...

You mean layoff.

Interesting that Lane, Hazuda, and Esposito were all in Cincinnati together. I wonder what the three of them "cooked up?" Will the union hold fast on the seniority issue or not? That is the $64,000 question.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that there is no room, nor the slightest attempt at independent thinking and creative problem-solving at "341."

They have pledged to support a single concept and no one (except Holley & Brentley) dares to be original or insightful or resistant to that single concept. You have only to hear (at Agenda Review and Legislative Meetings) the verbal agreements that give "trust" to whatever Administration puts forth. Isler, Colaizzi and Hazuda state it out loud and the others just go along with whatever Admin puts forth and OFTEN it lacks truthfulness, accuracy and ALWAYS lacks problem-solving.

The PFT, similarly, among its ranks, lacks honesty and problem-solving.

There are ways to get the "best" teachers to take pride in taking on challenges in low-achieving schools, but that is not even a possibility in the current system. The lowest-achieving children get the most desperate to stay in teaching or start in teaching rather than take on the challenges in teaching.

Once upon a time there were teachers and principals who took great satisfaction in taking on the great challenges and finding great success.

Anonymous said...

You forgot about Skip Mcray, who is a clown and adds nothing at all to any discussion, and Ton Sumpter who likes to hear him self talk about nothing. Sumpter is an embarasses him self all the time, with that looking in the sky for answer BS. The Hill is not being represented at all. And he needs to stay away from the Westend, we get nothing either with Skip.

Anonymous said...

The West End has been shafted over and over again. When Greenway closed as a neighborhood school and the students were returned to the elem bldgs with very limited facilities--that was shameful. Now the West End is losing both a high school and creating a centralized elem school...Langley is huge and has alot to offer the students, but it is a bit large for kdg students.

Anonymous said...

With few exceptions, and they are very few, Pittsburgh neighborhoods have been shafted with the closing of school after school under this administration. It will continue. Our schools are FAILING under this administration and will continue to do so due to the INCOMPETENCE of those who make decisions at Bellefield Avenue. Instead of attracting people with quality (even good) schools, PPS is chasing people to schools outside the city or charter or private (for those with the means) and those who must stay in PPS are SHAFTED.

Anonymous said...

The central admin blames all this BS and puts all,of the accountablility on teachers. It truly is a witch hunt to get rid of the highest paid teachers who aren't necessarily bad teachers. If you have your own mind and voice and don't act like a robot and end up displeasing your out. I use to be proud to teach in the pgh public school district now I just want out. It is already bad and will only get worse because not too many stand together.