Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ed week perspective on furloughs

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See what is happening to PPS in perspective of the state "


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Well before Corbett announced his first cut, PPS pledged in the Gates grant proposal to close schools and cut teachers to create the local match necessary to sustain the "reform" agenda.

Only months removed from Aspen and American Federation of Teachers celebrating the historic partnership between PPS-PFT, open season is declared on seniority.

Mr. Roosevent's seeds are sprouting.

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Good point. So cuting teachers and seniority was a part of the grand scheme of things?

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Please, everything that has been done here since the advent of Roosevelt/Broad/Gates and their friendly to parents seeming front, A+ Schools has been part of a bigger plan.

It's there to see, all across the country and I'm all ears if anyone has a way to actually get people to understand this and see what's happening.

It's important for the future of our city specifically, but also for the damage that's being done all across our country's cities.

No one is saying things were great before these "reforms" -- but in this case the cure does seem to be worse.

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh Public Schools prepares summer offerings Pittsburgh ...

Despite a tight budget Pittsburgh Public Schools is putting together an array of summer offerings for more than 3600 students ...

As a taxpaying parent, this exhibits a true waste of federal and grant money when expected furloughs are emminent in 45o range.

I elicited this information for bloggers to read becuae. ,,,


All the money going to teacher salaries.

Last summer, when the program was expanded to K-8 and offered at more sites, 3,400 on average participated each day, making the per student cost $1,400 or the total about $6.3 million. About 5,400 were enrolled. I was told teachers were paid $6000 to work a half day.

Wilson quotes for this year

This year, about 2,300 are expected to attend at an average cost of $1,200 per child or $2.9 million total. THIS is for four weeks-seems we need to investigate.

This is outrageous #2.9 millon-where the money should be going into the regular classroom instruction.

Thr Board and Union wasting taxpayer money and private funding for teachers to receive $5000 or more for 4 weeks of works-add Westinghouse in the mix.

Again, a true example of folibles of funding for high=paying ADM and teachers to make extra money-when they are making close to $85,0000 or more and do not live in the city of Pittsburgh.

With taxpaper money quote the research or research source to BACK THIS UP this statement to keep job.

Eddie Willson, director of the Summer Dreamers Academy, said research shows that two-thirds of the achievement gap between students from high- and low-income families comes from summer learning loss.

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A good read about class size, potential furloughs and the future of PPS through the eyes and whys of the PPS ADM for the Board members to buy-in at the cost of our taxes.

Please go to the PPS website look under Good News-click on Education Committee for May 2, 2012 and download
Update on 2012-13 Educational Delivery Model.

Since, the teacher are the Delivery Model; the PowerPoint Presentation gives a great one-sided lack of researched answers snd lack of accurate statistical from this ADM for a revised Delivery Model.

I will call it gipping my children out of a quality education.

After reading, teachers might call it not gipping my job functions-but oversizing my classroom.

Anonymous said...

On furloughs of educational assistanta--latest rumor is that "playground monitors" will be hired in lieu of using educational assistants as has been past practice. This is possibly union busting-- but honestly, having known alot of great educational assistants, I wonder about the safety of young children,especially combined with the large class sizes.