Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Incident/ UPrep/ teacher

From wpxi, as noted earlier on another post, reporting an incident involving a teacher and another person in the parking lot.


Questioner said...

KDKA says a female teacher was robbed and that the suspect is not a student:

- Wasn't there a similar incident at U Prep a year or two ago?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this is a true and accurate story. I believe it is, if not-the footage of tape will tell otherwise or security will state that they do not have video footage and will spin this in another direction PPS PR

A substitute teacher at Pittsburgh Public Schools' University Prep was held at gunpoint in the school's parking lot Wednesday morning.

School spokeswoman Ebony Pugh said the woman was approached by a black man, in his 30s, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, black pants and a yellow bandana.

Pugh said when the man threatened the teacher she fought back and pushed the man and pulled the bandana off of the man's face. The teacher was then able to run into the building without injury.

Please have footage.

Anonymous said...

One thing, this substitute teacher can sub inside UPREP.

She does not take any crap. How many of us would ne able to fight back and confront an attacker without mace or another form of protection.

Go Girl-she can sub in any schoolwith her outstanding work in UPREP parking lot.

Hopefully, they will not discredit her story.

Anonymous said...

The school was never put on lockdown. And teachers were not officially informed of any incident until after school. If this does not warrant lockdown, what does?

Questioner said...

Maybe if the perpetrator is seen running away no lockdown is necessary?