Saturday, May 5, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

On another post Anonymous wrote:


Moe said...

I remember when Roosevelt closed some PPS schools. It might have been financially necessary, but it was painful. It displaced a lot of teachers, and some where laid off.

For some bizarre reason, Roosevelt had thank-you balloons sent to every school right after that.

So I wonder what the current administration will do to mark this week. They'd have to go some to match the creepiness of the last administration, but I wouldn't count them out just yet.

Anonymous said...

No such thing in the PPS

Except from the students and parents

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the Allderdice PTO for a wonderful breakfast this morning.

Thank you Allderdice Administration for the doughnuts on tuesday morning.

You do make me feel appreciated in these troubled times in the PPS

Keep your note Dr. Lane it is a bunch of lies. You do not know what it is to teach, you never did and you never will.

Anonymous said...

Oliver high school will be closing in just a few weeks. The teachers there are amazing! They Have been working under some of the most horrific conditions, and I don't mean the students! Thank you so much Mr C and ST for acknowledging your staff. You have done nothing to support them all year and now you can't even spend the time or effort to thank your staff. God bless you Carrick're going to need it!

Anonymous said...

So much for teacher appreciation eek at Oliber. Not so much as a donut!

Anonymous said...

Teachers are not appreciated or even respected in the PPS.

We are nothing to Lane and her ship of fools, just clogs in the machine, and so are our students.

Just Data, not real human beings.

Welcome my son, Welcome to the Machine