Friday, September 17, 2010

District taking on debt

On another post Anonymous wrote:

"Maybe-this should be another blog entry
Taking Care of Business? Alternatively, Show ne the Money?

Parents, educators, and community leaders-please watch this week’s Board Agenda Review meeting-especially the Business Portion.

are at a very tense and interesting juncture-Money, Debt and Construction-is this where we will see Roosevelt sweat –or the superficial tease to have us watch this as a reality TV show for next year’s reelections?

On the other hand, will we see our taxes increase next year because of the lack of money to pay for the facility projects. You know the wrong estimates for change orders on construction projects.

This is real and not something to take lightly.

A lot of talk about money, debt, and bonds.

Collazzi rose from the dead when it came to money-and Go Girl she was sweating from the heat or she is fired up [ ]. She was very demonstrative.

However, she is back to life. Now is this a good thing? I believe the Smartboard will be the issue as the hidden joke of their posturing for debt load.

They need to learn about the latest editions of Smartboards to use for the demonstration of their debt load..

This might be the turning point for Roosevelt- he appeared nervous because the word debt was used as Ms. Fine explained eloquently on this Blog-as a house would need reserve cash flow.

Is the Board spending too much-what is the real amount of reserve money-many parents and educator see and hear enrollment is down in many buildings and will we need to cut teachers now this early in the school year? The numbers are not there in some school buildings to hold the employee base.
Isler took over as usual reiterating, clarifying and elaborating with constant reiteration-as usual it set the stage for the this play to act out.

This is frustrating because other Board members have to listen to his verbiage without talking.
It appears the Cookie jar is empty and we need to regroup. Now-the backroom players who do the talking behind closed doors are speaking and talking again with their voices in the public eye of the camera.

The rest of the Board was silent-somewhat dumbfounded because they have never dealt with this issue of debt.

Ms. Fink definitely knows this topic because she has the experience of her tenure on the Board.

Brentley knows that the debt and construction has been out there for 5 years under Roosevelt. He has complained-and kept it on public record the consturction and money.

This was the Isler show."

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Questioner said...

The agenda review is showing now on Channel 13; just started.

Anonymous said...

It is also to be seen at your luxury on the PPS web site.

This is a long show after the usual girly giggles and ohhs- towards the end of the Education Committee Meeting just around the SmartBoard topic we will see and hear the debt loads-
Arlington ALA – and Oliver and the wasted money at UPREP construction issues-just the debt topic.
We now start to realize the tax dollars paying facility projects and the hidden change orders are becoming more numerous issues-plus the lack of money to pay for some of the new teacher initiatives.

Questioner said...

At the review Mark Brentley discussed marching band programs being squeezed, with inadequate instruments and general lack of funding. Funding issues are having a real impact on students. Too bad there isn't an easy way to see how funding for particular items has changed over the years.

Anonymous said...

Without Brentley we would lack the real data as citizens-the way the Board passes every thing thrown at them without a whimper.

Brentley keeps thing visible for all.

I wish we could have accessible measurements regarding the dwindling funding for student activities and programs.

It is such a shame to have to make our own charted data to see the lack of funding-it is hurting our kids-all they worry about is the academia.

Because the Board keeps the facts as separate entities-without appropriate tracking of line items-we have to do extensive research of documents. Yet, we know the lack of funding.

The Board and Roosevelt are squirming for money to reach deadlines for October-they seem to vote too fast to initiate New Projects with the thought they are invincible.

Questioner said...

At this meeting, Bill Isler focused on a proposed $25M fee for architectural services at Arlington- noting that if architecture fees are 10% of a project, a $25M project would be under contemplation. And that the Board has not had a significant discussion about such a large project at Arlington.

This is from the same administration that, when renovation of Schenley was proposed, vigorously asserted that it would not "saddle the taxpayers of Pittsburgh with debt." Schenley was at 100% capacity with about 1300 students, while Arlington is listed on the Pghboe website as having 397 students (plus an early childhood center).

Anonymous said...

Right on, Questioner @September 17, 2010 11:59 AM

I need help to understand what is in the facility report that regards more than the EAST End reconfigurations,

Brentley brought up the sudden insert of PreK-8 Arlington ALA as a construction project, alluding to the reopening of the closed Knoxville facility for Special Ed Students.

Arlington is in two facilities. The building for the Primary PreK- Grade 2 located on Henry Street is scheduled to close under the original facility report.

The former Principal worked very hard to receive a grant for a new library at the Henry Street facility. I believe PPS does not own the site or if they bought the building from the Catholic Diocese.

The enrollment is up just as Mrs. Fink stated in at the meeting. She is a Board member that takes care of her schools and her community. This is what parents conveyed to me.

However, why the demographic surge in enrollment --is this just temporary-where students go in out of schools as like a revolving door?

Why invest in a school that is housed in two sites-will they consolidate the two schools into one site?

Is the money worth as debt to invest here?

With the need to revamp Oliver on the drawing Board.

WE NOW HAVE Construction at

Concord Elementary

Northview ALA to make it K-8


In addition, varied remolding Projects.

The closing of duture school facilities like Morrow and many unsold school buildings.

Yes, Schenley-but if we dare mention Schenley-they will not listen to our current complaints because they will label us as that COMMUNITY GROUP. YOU know who they are-ad turn deaf ears.

Can someone answer my question-Where else are varied construction and/or renovation going on-and what future schools will be closed on the the famed Facility Reports?

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe parents; taxpayers and educators are not SEEING THIS BLOG ENTRY has important.

This is the BUDGET, future teaching projects, closing of schools, student enrollment.

This influences Teacher jobs and cuts, tax dollars not present-but DEBT-in other school districts this is the core of school district and community concerns.

Our kids wil hsve more progrsm cutd-snd schools will be closed.

Anonymous said...

This is a big deal, many of us In the district saw it coming, we warned him and we were considered outsiders.

They only wanted to hear "Rosie-Felt" stories, nothing based in reality.

It is sad for our kids.

Anonymous said...

This is a big deal.

We should not be considered insiders or outsiders-the concept of ALL and WE have to be discussed in open meetings.

We need public forums.

This will be all passed at tomorrow’s Board Meeting.

The deadlines are October for February starts and winter will be rolling in for construction.

This constant change is causing change is lacking reflection.

Anonymous said...

The Board is saying “PLEASE LET US ALONE.”

We are the boss-we know what we are doing.

Anonymous said...

Taking on debt elimates any opportunity for anyone to boast that we have not raised taxes. Taking on debt says "we will eventually raise taxes, but most of the people allowing us to take on debt now will be off the board by the time it is needed."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... @ September 21, 2010 9:17

You really believe Board members will be gone before the realization of this debt factors into the t equation.

They changed the date of the Board meeting to September 29, 2010 because they are not adequately prepared to pass all this debt as legislation.

The debt will pass because the phone lines are hot at the Board dialing for the money or dollars and clever monetary ways to pass the debt as measures.

Questioner said...

The argument seems to be that debt would be "flat"- ie, the district will be no more in debt than it was (?or maybe was projected to be) at some point in the past (probably before the current administration). But does that assume a drawdown of reserves? And is it acceptable to be still carrying the same amount of debt after however many years of makiing payments?