Thursday, September 2, 2010

Reporting incidents

On a "Start a new post" Anonymous wrote:

"wpxi reported on this armed robbery across the street from reiz

still wating for post gazette to mention it."


Anonymous said...

PXI is to reporting what the National Enquirer is to journalism.
Puh-lease. These folks would have you believe that a fender bender on Podunk Road is "breaking news."
THE worst, without a doubt. Anyone remember Julie Balogna warning us about "freezing fog" at least twice last winter?

Questioner said...

In general we could use much more thorough reporting about crime incidents- then people could decide for themselves which are important and ignore the rest. An armed robbery seems pretty significant.

Anonymous said...

Let me see. A kid is killed outside of Carrick. Another child is murdered and has her body dumped at Langley, where gunfire outside of the school has been reported before. Girl fights make it to youtube at Oliver, a place where drive-bys have taken place and documented.
A Perry teacher is arrested outside of the school for buying crack. Perry, a school where the swim matron or a laundry woman caused a fire by doing something illicit with drugs.
A man was killed outside of Reizenstein last school year in the wee hours after assaulting a female officer and attempting to wrest her gun away.....

The point is, basically every city school has seen its share of violence on its property or just outside the boundaries. That it is Reizenstein seems to warrant a closer look by some.

Meanwhile, the fact is that this is a school with a private driveway, etc. That has to be a plus right there.

Anonymous said...

WPXI-did a great job reporting that was a concern of many parents in the North Side Brighton Heights neighborhood.

Ladies and gentleman-shots were fired at house on Fleming Avenue between 1-2PM this afternoon-September 2nd -a street very close to K-5 Morrow Elementary School-with the opening day of school.

Morrow Parents were concerned it was a drive by shooting with continuous shooting on Route 65 at another vehicle.

The Commander from Zone 1 was interviewed regarding the drive-by shooting-her presence on TV calmed many parents fears.

Yes, this is accurate and very true information.

With school windows open woth the heat, kids outside on the playground-well it happened at location close to a PPS elementary school. It does not mater the level of school-it was a school.

Therefore, WPXI did a great job in reporting.

It is backed up on the PGH POST Gazette web site as updated news.

Questioner said...

If someone is actually killed it does make news. What we see less reporting on is shooting where no one dies. Police officers in those areas confirm that many incidents go unreported. Some areas have more incidents than others, or go through phases where incidents are especially frequent, and especially if incidents are near a school parents may want to know about them.

Anonymous said...

Questioner said... September 2, 2010 7:18 PM
Thank you- yes many are not reported on the news or with follow-up.

Zone 1 Commander made her presence known to make the community feel that protection is out there with her awareness to calm fears.

Your comments are very real regarding safety-a number one concern we all have in our everyday life-many are unreported

Anonymous said...

If you want to keep track sign up at this website. You get emails nofifying you of crimes in your area. It is free. I used a fake address that was close to me.

It is a bit scary, I am finding out that there is a lot more crime in my area than I was aware of. The map on the web sight is incomplete.

Questioner said...

Thank you Anon, and it IS a bit scary. This link takes you to a report of all the crimes that were committed, by street name, for any given day:

Anonymous said...

Something doesn't smell right here. I can't find any mention on PXI or PG websites about an armed robbery near Reizenstein. I wonder if it was scrubbed not due to PPS concerns, but rather after a call from the Bakery Square principals.

Questioner said...

It was never in the PG but here is the link to the Trib article:

News sources will make themselves irrelvant by scrubbing stories. Especially as people learn they will do better signing up for crime alert for incidents near their homes, their children's schools, other locations of interest, etc.

Questioner said...

The PG is reporting that a man jumped from a bridge in Oakland and injured his legs:

How is this more important for people to know about than an armed robbery in a public restaurant (especially one near a school), which apparently never did get PG coverage?