Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Pgh and Phil cite educational innovations"

From the PG:



Anonymous said...

In Pittsburgh, that innovation includes merit pay to reward outstanding teachers and deploying the most effective teachers to struggling schools for three-year assignments, said Superintendent Mark Roosevelt, who addressed the committee this morning.

So...being that most of the "struggling schools" are ALA's how many people were placed there because they needed a spot to fill? How many teachers would like to get out if they could?

What a joke. These are just out right blatant lies now and the PG laps it up

Anonymous said...

Survey finds city teachers happy with school environment

More than three-fourths of city schools' educators are happy with the learning and working environment at their school, according to an independent survey released today.

Gates-funded survey finds city teachers happy with school environment.

This was found in the Triblive edition.

This blog is very quiet and really too quiet!

Where are my favorites Questioner, Oldtimer and Mark Rauterkus.

I cannot believe all the PPS teachers are this happy as indicated by this April 2010 on line survey.

Being an online survey with PPS computer software programs-would this present an issue of identifying the teacher or professional answering the questions.

This survey could be biased data for conclusions.

I would like the title and information regarding the school now has a teacher who will develop building-specific strategies to improve the teaching and learning environment, including addressing students' behavioral issues.

For this last statement-the title job position for the teacher addressing students' behavioral issues.


parent1 said...

I was otherwise occupied but took a call last night from a nice girl named Abby asking me about many things for a survey. What did I know about the Gates Foundation? Do I think PPS is moving in the right direction? Is the federal government moving in the right direction with education? Am I familiar with Empowering Effective Teachers? Am I satisfied with principal...etc...? As usual I came away knowing once again that surverys are useless. We need the opportunity to qualify our answers and explain why an answer to a strategically worded question might contradict a previous answer. I hope Abby got it down each time I asked her to include a footnote.

For a half dozen years I listened as parents discussed the results of the surveys sent out each year for PPS. There is little room for comment after you point out reasons for any STRONGLY DISAGREE answers. I get why phone surveys are needed, I doubt the response rate for the yearly mailed survey is worth writing home about, but can't we have other options. Town hall meetings by grade levels or mini-EFA meetings with a focus, break out sessions. How about a call in-show on cable or radio? The superintendent did live chats not too long ago. We are preoccupied with the big picture and are neglecting the day-to-day stuff. Speaking of which, I need to go help a kid with homework now.