Monday, September 20, 2010

Gangs/ PPS

From the PG:


Anonymous said...

Could this be the most forthright man in PPS?

Anonymous said...

eThe answer is yes! He should be asked to come and speak at PTO's or PTA meetings. PSCC's should also embrace his knowledge especially when discussing safety issues. He's got first hand information that shouldn't be kept a secret.

Anonymous said...

The chief must be confused about the dismissal/parent issues at Carrick. It must be some other school.

Anonymous said...

Another Blog Entry-More verbal language from Roosevelt

Pittsburgh High School Reform Task Force | National Grants Foundation
By xes_10

Superintendent Mark Roosevelt, the founding of the Pittsburgh Public Schools High School Reform Task Force announced. High School Reform Task Force, which includes the leaders of both universities and secondary schools, ...
National Grants Foundation -

Anonymous said...

Again, many of us have reiterated on various Blog entries. This needs to be mandatory.

Yes, the Principal should invite them to PTO meetings. The Principals Fear THE THOUGHT OF THE QUESTIONS REGARDING SAFETY-AND THE Board shuns this attempt of openness, the fear there are behavioral or security issues.

Again, the teachers have to place the lid on everything-this is so obvious when parents are visible in the around the buildings before and after school.

The Board is saying “PLEASE LET US ALONE.”

Anonymous said...

Ms Shealey was not accusatory when at a Board meeting recently she questioned whether or not the security cameras and recording DVRs were working at a high school building. It has long been rumored that the cameras are (sometimes) either not in functioning order or glitches exist when reviews need to be done. At least at the high school level a monthly review of equipment should be done prior to a PSCC and the report of the inspection reported at PSCC.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said..@. September 21, 2010 9:13 AM

Yes, trained personnel should check all security equipment.

Mr. Brentley brought this up at numerous Board meetings.

Many schools need trained professionals-with DVRS and the ability to record and transfer saved data to computer flash drives and smart phones-PPS needs to upgrade their integral systems-we live in a different age of security. Having Audio and Video are imperative.

Hiring an outside security firm and gaining a contract like from SSA-a renowned security firm that currently works with the Wilkinsburg School District.

We need go beyond the entrance cameras that buzz people in and out of the schools.

Also, not solely used in high schools, and not just entrance security for all schools. For example-King Elementary the activities within the school walls were beyond recourse.

Anonymous said...

In addition, with trained personnel we now have the appropriate data that can be utilized with reports-thus glitzes and issues regarding faulty equipment can be addressed with an appropriate time fashion in the manner of safety as the core principle.

Since, our Principals have been shaken from the labeling of their managerial roles-and now the benefice dictators of instructional leadership. Glitches and issues are left as undetected.

A compromise of our kids’ safety.

Anonymous said...

The valuable role of a Principal as a leader of Safety.

In another local school district, a Principal done a walkthrough of her assigned school facility and after looking at historical data of glitzes and repair reports due to malfunctions regarding a camera placement outside of the boys locker-room adjacent to the school gym-she made a valued judgment call.

She placed the camera in a better location in the area.

Her school district allowed her to do her job within a different methodology and still be rated under the Pa Guidelines regarding her job responsibilities. She is highly regarded throughout the academic communities.

As an invaluable employee-she did not have to be in a building 12 months out of a year or be employed for a lengthy stay. She used common sense.
She contacted a security firm in charge of the cameras-and did not wait on her district security detail to facilitate her-she told them what needed to be done.

This is where a valued Security firm can make the appropriate calls working within the framework of the facility structure and where cameras can over issues as glitzes or damages.

Anonymous said...

The only gang we need to worry about is the one at 341 South Bellefield Avenue.