Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Latest A+ report card on school board

From the PG:



Questioner said...

The PG reports that according to A+, the school board should do more to make significant policy and suggests creation of a deliberate time and process as a way achieve this goal.

Will this be another instance where A+ makes good points but accepts whatever response is received?

Questioner said...

An A+ email says,

"School Board leadership requires planning for change and monitoring factors that would indicate success, not just reacting to proposed changes."

- Good sentiment, but the danger is that we see the same thing that has happened with district panels happen with the Board- ie, proposals originating behind the scenes with the administration are presented with few significant changes as the work of the panel/ committee/ Board.

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh Public Schools Board may use $18 million in reserve ...
Pittsburgh Public Schools could use nearly $18 million in reserve funds to help balance its 2011 budget, according to preliminary data presented to the ...

Oh the money woes.

This desrves a failing Grade?

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh school board gets C for policies inaction

City school board members must do a better job at turning words and proposals into actions and policies, according to a report from a Downtown advocacy group.

A+ Schools' quarterly report card downgraded the board's focus on policy from a C+ to a C. The grades are given based on evaluations by volunteers who attend Pittsburgh Public Schools board meetings.

The board's performance improved slightly in three areas -- focus and mission; conduct; and competency. It remained unchanged in the area of transparency. The board's overall grade also remained unchanged at B-.

A+ just loves the plus and minus grades. They need to get real-they went out with the Eightie in Education.


bystander said...

Board seats up for election in 2011are 2, 4, 6, and 8.

Anonymous said...

That would be Dara Ware Allen, Bill Isler, Sherry Hazuda and Mark Brentley.

Anonymous said...

That would be Allen, Isler, Hazuda and Brentley. Anyone hearing about challengers?

Anonymous said...


Old Timer said...

I'm expecting Ms.Harris to give PPS a B- again this year. Until this group understands the need to put Roosevelt and his people under the microscope, find fault where it lays and then make a public pronouncement, it will have the impact of a light breeze.

Anonymous said...

Very true, Old Timer.

Using a survey that tallies responses on items where the construct is questionable and open to different and varied interpretations by those responding necessarily limits the conclusions.

An open discussion by participants before drawing final conclusions and publishing results might reveal new ways of interpreting responses as well as a need for a revised instrument.

Anonymous said...

Hazuda, district 6, will face a challenger.

LYNN S. said...

As the public is made more aware of the profound failure of Mark Roosevelt and his policies(ALA, PSSA scores, America's Choice, CTE and opn and on) the public should hold a Board gave him every dime, person, contract, and scheme he thought of. Once the public knows the truth watch out, particulary Bill Isler the ringleader and Colaizzi the stooge. HOW DO WE MAKE THE PUBLIC AWARE OF THIS INCREDIBLE FAILURE. WHERE ARE THE ROOSEVELT SUCCESS STORIES? WHERE IS JUST ONE SCHOOL HE DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED?

Anonymous said...

Do I need to attend a school board meeting and listen to Mark Brentley's homophobic rants about using a "rainbow" as the symbol on the school literature. How is this allowed to go on. I thought PPS was all inclusive?

Anonymous said...

The School Board is the key to be the Change Agent.

Yes, Kathy Fine run-run for it.

My concern is the political influential ties behind each Board member-an individual might be on the Dem Committees or Ward chairperson. Ware was appointed by the Mayor-so that was her route.

WE need to know the political road of each Board member to understand their electability by their constituents.

Hazuda, district 6, will face a challenger-but what are her political ties?

Her daughter has taken this year off as a teacher working in PPS.

Any viable electable candidates in that District?
Isler has to be sent off this
Board-yes he is running the Okey Dokey Show. He is backed with his high connections in the political party where the charities and companies hand out the money for political ties.

Any viable electable candidates in that District?

Colazzi is non-existent-she is like a news broadcaster giving the Nightly News via a teleprompter. She wanted to run for City Council? Please show me your leadership skills-than worrying about educators with going to conferences on the PPS school clock. Now we bring in the consultants on our school watch. This costs more money.

Isler is her puppet master-he still was reelected after he gave up his Title just in public namesake.

Oh, Sumpter with his visionary notations as statements and goals before each Board meetings=he reads them off his legal pad-a great coach writing behind him to say what they want out there.

We have a City Fireman, a Dept. of PW employee as Board Member

Many teachers gave up their voting rights by moving out of the City-so THAT voting Block is minimal in influencing the shakeup of the Board.

It will be easier to for the political ties behind the Board to rid Brentley on the Board. He is only one.

We need to mobilize a movement to
oust the Board Candidates to have a 5-member margin over the next two years. Reelect Brentley and oust the other three-this will make in ways.