Monday, September 13, 2010

"Test scores not increased solely by spending"

From the Tribune:


Stephanie Tecza said...

PSSA Release

The Bureau of Assessments at Pennsylvania Department said that districts have had the 2010 PSSA data since June 10th. The Governor is having a press conference Tuesday to talk about the state’s performance on PSSA testing and then individual school district’s and their school’s reports will be available at

Anonymous said...

Dr. McMackin states:

Thanks, Stephanie. Yes, the PSSA DATA for every district and every school in Pennsylvania will be online tomorrow (Tuesday, September 14, 2010) accessible to anyone and everyone.

Also, for anyone interested:

THE 296TH MEETING OF THE STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION will hold its meeting in Pittsburgh on:

September 15-16, 2010
Pittsburgh Public Schools Administrative Offices
Conference Room A
341 South Bellefield Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA

The AGENDA can be googled giving the times for each Committee Report. On Wednesday morning at 9:30AM the Academic Standards/Common Core Committee will hold a roundtable as will the Vocational Technical Education Committee.

These meetings are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC under the PA Sunshine Law. This is an opportunity to observe the State Board of Education. (Typically, the meetings are held at PDE in Harrisburg; this one is in Pittsburgh.)


Anonymous said...

Superintendent Receives Nod for His Year Five Performance (Sep 13, 2010)

This above link was published tday by the Board= under the heading of Good News at PPS site-I was not able to give excerpts of Roosevelt's acheivemnent of hi set standards and his goal accimplishments.

Please purview and review-maybe this should be another blog entry after Blog Adm reads the Good News Artivle and be ready for a nwq blog wnret for comments.