Thursday, September 16, 2010

PA Board of Ed considers RISE evaluation system

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State school board praises city new teacher initiatives

A new teacher evaluation and performance pay system introduced in the Pittsburgh Public Schools this year are the kind of initiatives that districts around ... "


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Testing, the Chinese Way

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Because fascists think alike.

How PFT brethren who voted for the last funny is it that Allegheny Valley teachers, a union made up of 95 teachers...have the courage to strike over a paltry 3% raise proposal and you didn't? You approved this schlock, including RISE. How do you sleep? Gutless wonders.

Anonymous said...

Where were PPS Board Members and Administration?

The State Board of Education met for two days in Pittsburgh, (typically, they meet in Harrisburg) in Conference Room A at the Board of Ed. Reports, descriptions, explanations, questions, discussions and votes were taken on many important issues that impact PA students, including PPS.

It was a great opportunity to gain insights and information, ask questions, and participate in problem solving around important issues, for example.

• Common Core Standards, Keystone Exams, PSSA and PASA
• Graduation Requirements
• Vocational Programs and Requirements
• Post Secondary Programs (Teacher Certification Institutions)
• Race to the Top proposal inadequacies

Astoundingly, no PPS Board Members attended the two days of meetings! Thus, no information, no input, no understanding of the greater issues______no opportunity to learn process, policies and protocol.

Nor, did any PPS administration or staff attend the meetings!

However, the Superintendent, Deputy, J. L, and PFT officials did a presentation on Empowering Effective Teachers which was received with praise and accolades. The PPS team then left the room never to be seen again.

Pittsburgh Public Schools are the lowest performing schools (Corrective Action II 3rd year) in Allegheny County, ____ worse than Duquesne, Wilkinsburg, Woodland Hills and Sto-Rox. PPS is doomed to remain in that position as indicated by Administration’s total disregard of Pennsylvania Standards as an integral part of Teaching, Learning and Assessment. Charlotte Danielson and “gist” will not get PPS to “proficiency.”

Failure is breeding failure_____rather than success breeding success. I wonder what it will take for PPS Admin to take heed?

Anonymous said...

Dear fellow parents, please spread the word that all the nonsense will continue EVERYWHERE unless you stand up and speak out. I think superintendents everywhere are following the blueprints from DC.

Questioner said...

However, in DC the mayor, strongly associated with the superintendent, was recently voted out of office.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Rhee; (DC super is also a Broad graduate) Broad and others had stipulations in their funding. If she goes, the funding can be withdrawn. This refers to Ms. Rhee's devastating (arrogant) comment.

This is not about education or kids. It is about money and power.

I hope the new mayor in DC calls their hand. If they withdraw funding then they are exposed.

MR is smart enough to hire multiple layers of management to carry out the "unpleasant" work for him.

Anonymous said...

I should clarify, teachers bonuses may poof if she leaves. Hard to believe but true.

Eli Broad is holding districts hostage.

Anonymous said...

I should clarify, teachers bonuses may poof if she leaves. Hard to believe but true.

Eli Broad is holding districts hostage.

Anonymous said...

According to the documentary noted above, Rhee started the organization THE NEW TEACHER PROJECT but there is no mention of her on its website. Is this a conflict of interest, as this is a company that is charging districts for its services?

Anonymous said...

MR has all the right people fooled:
-local government leaders
-local corporate execs
-local foundation leaders

Let's call the Gates Foundation what it is, shall we? Here is an entity that is not built upon philanthropy but rather, a social agenda. I would say that MR and his inner circle sold their collective souls to lure this money, but that would be an insult to people who have souls.

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Maybe this should be another Blog Entry:

Advocates keep critical eye on Pittsburgh's public schools

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

She keeps an eye on Pittsburgh Public Schools as a volunteer with A+ Schools, a Downtown-based watchdog. "I wanted to understand how the (school) board ...

Article Insights/Quotes

"A+ Schools, which is recruiting volunteers, formed in 2004 after then-Mayor Tom Murphy established the Commission on Public Education to address problems that culminated with three foundations pulling financial support for the district."

Another Mayor involved in Education-much lighter than the role of DC’s Former Mayor and Rhee’s appointment as Chancellor under his leadership.

"They've helped us see things we wouldn't have seen," board President Theresa Colaizzi said. "When you're sitting at the table, you're not thinking about the person that's outside looking in."

Theresa Colaizzi-get yourself actively involved-IN ALL SCHOOLS--FOR ALL PPS STUDENTS-your tenure as President is a very sad example of just having the title-please-just love the Power ---Power.

Please let us not have Isler or Sumpter voted in as President--the real dictatorship will be solidified with Roosevelt.

Moreover, the backdoor tactics will be huge-Brentley will twirling his bowtie to have to be heard-he is the only real spokesperson for the people and students.

"I came to find out that the definition of the position having been filled was different between our department and the criteria the principal was using," Lane said. "This year, we believe we should have significant improvements."

Hello, Dr Lane name the latest person running PPS HR?

Principals have Budgets-can they afford their teaching staffs salaries and benefits which is incorpirated as part of each individual school Budget?

Where is the transparency?

Dr. Lane-the numbers between departments can not add up?

Are we using the latest version of waiting to see the student numbers, student enrollment shifts due to AYP guidelines for a deadline of September 30, 2010 for teacher decisions.

I hope they are checking daily student attendance trends.

WE NEED THE HARDCORE DATA REGARDING THE 2010-11 SEPTEMBER STUDENT ENROLLMENT –Will the enrolment trends be vital for the Budget regarding construction projects, teacher projects and school closings and reconfigurations?

Debt or Taxpayers issues and with student loss of activities and quality educational opportunities-present turbulent times ahead for PPS?

Insightful article-but sad.

Anonymous said...

Here's a classic from one of our middle schools. A "supervisor" walks into school on the second student day and meets with the principal and VP. Her first utterance is, "So, who are we going to focus this year"????

Yeah, it says something that most of the people who have been empowered under the banner of curriculum and professional development are women with axes to grind. It says something that they comport themselves in a way in which you would think is not unlike a reality show.

But we are talking people's livelihoods here. To all of you who voted FOR this past contract, how can you sleep knowing that you are a coward?

Our building's janitors still cannot believe that "That piece of **** contract passed"

Questioner said...

An emphasis on adult agendas. That is the biggest difference in PPS then and now, and it can be seen in probably a hundred ways big and small.