Thursday, September 23, 2010

Federal money to match the Gates funds

From the PG:


Anonymous said...

Great! Now we can get rid of even more teachers and bring in people who will start at much less pay, be unquestioningly accepting of our idea of curriculum and put even the worst student on the path to the "Promise".
Can we write a few more press releases on this?

Anonymous said...

This should be another blog entry or entries.

Many tidbits that have not been posted.

Yesterday an excellent Meet the Press show with Duncan, Rhee, Wnegarten, and the Superintendent of Detroit Schools-if you can catch transcript-excellent points about teacher evaluation, the present climate of education, and the Race to the Top. Education is equated to economy.

Ms. Fine see if you are able to acquire transcript and video feed.
Detroit and Pittsburgh seem to have issues with student enrollment and school closings
Rhee is in a league of her own with her dictatorship and the loss of DC mayor.

Duncan is Duncan like the Toy store in the movie Home Alone 2. My kids watched that over the weekend.

For real------ A new Superman movie came out this weekend regarding the present conditions in Education and educating our kids. . . . . and it does not star Tobey McGuire. Many are not realizing-But Hollywood is now involved with their education spin-an Oscar nominee.
If you can find info on the movie-I would appreciate as well.

Other stories
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Pennsylvania schools hire 56000 nonteaching staff members
In Pittsburgh Public Schools, the ratio of students to nonteaching employees dropped from 20-to-1 at the beginning of the decade to 11-to-1 last year, ...

Anonymous said...

Yhe movie is.

"Waiting for Superman"

Obama was reiterating the same concept from Meet The Press-he is now on the campaign trail for our Democratice Party. It is election time.

Education is not just the answer for the economy.we all have excuses for privste schools? Sorry, NBC but their are other issues in Americas that fixing education with Billions of Dollars.

Teachers are getting rampled because like other government workers they have good pensions and healthcare-which is the direct reasons why the Repiblicans hit the Unions with NCLB-a givernment mandated law. TAlk shows this morning on the radio-and v are discussing Education and Teachers. The present teachers and future teachers are suffering due to the Union strengths of the ability to gdet their wages and benefits.

Other government workers have the same luxury like the state, federal and city.

My next door neighbor a teacher pays $36 a month for a family of 5 in health insurance benefits.

Where can you get that great rate she saud to me?

She stated I need my job-I am good at my job-but not great ubder the present standards- we would be on welfare because the job market is so tight-when she cries how hard her PPS school can make her life.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that I "get the gist" of the last posting, but I will say this. I won't apologize to anyone for my salary or my benefits. In fact, I am grossly underpaid for what I do and have done for a long, long time. Mark Roosevelt could not do what I do, nor could any of his assistants.
The best thing about being a teacher--besides the kids--is the pension plan. Through PSERS, it's almost like forced retirement savings throughout your career, and I am grateful for that.
The pay that we get? It's a hoot.
"Summer vacation" is also very funny. Most of us have to do a great deal of study and reading to stay up with our law of maintaining hours over five year periods to hold our jobs. And no, we don't get paid in the summer.

Gates has made it clear that in his estimation, teachers are the problem in education. His foundation has also targeted pension plans for future teachers.
Karma's a b*tch, Bill I hope you get yours.

And as for "our" democratic party, I'm not a democratic and certainly no republican. They're all corrupt and adept at passing the blame. That's about it.