Monday, October 25, 2010

Accountability contract

Here from 5 years ago is Patrick Dowd's explanation of how the superintendent's accountability contract was supposed to work.

Has it worked as intended? Should the new superintendent have an accountability contract and if so, how can it be improved in the light of our experience over the past 5 years?


Anonymous said...

As a teacher, we are constantly amazed of how few adults within city confines remember that the school board and the superintendent "work" for them. It is amazing that a superintendent is given carte blanche to do as he pleases without question. It is amazing to note that the questioners are castigated. It's reminiscent of Dick Cheney stating that those who question the war are Un-American. How pathetically vapid can an individual be to say it, let alone believe it.
Unless great numbers of vocal adults descend on Bellefield Ave with regularity, it will be business as usual, no matter who is in charge.

Anonymous said...

I find it very shocking. I moved here a few years ago. As a parent I am shocked at the apathy regarding the school district. I was told many times by many people when I moved here PPS was all smoke and mirrors, I thought they were either overreacting or didn't know things were going to change. I now know why there is so little optimism.

Mr. Roosevelt would have been skewered in most of the cities I lived in. He also would have been held accountable by the press.

He has a free pass in Pittsburgh based on virtually nothing.

Questioner said...

For some, it seems to be enough that Parents magazine rated Pittsburgh (ie, the entire Pittsburgh metro area) as a good place to raise children; that the Pittsburgh Promise was mentioned; and that Pittsburgh has received national attention. We are told that we "can't argue with that."