Wednesday, October 27, 2010

North Side redistricting

On the October Start a new post, Anonymous wrote:

"Pittsburgh Public Schools seeking input on North Side assignments
While the idea is not yet ready for a school board vote, school officials are circulating the proposal in North Side neighborhoods.

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wonder said...

I have no first hand knowledge of the schools on the North Side. I have seen them only as a spectator at a sports event. What I have to wonder about though is whether or not someone in central admin has the job of doing periodic checks of this blog or others where postings occur discussing PPS. If so what might they conclude when there are no comments about a hot topic like the redistricting proposed? It seems there are many other interested parties discussing options within their neighborhood forums, but will a "O comments" indicate otherwise to an observer?

Anonymous said...

North Siders need to step up. A new post to the blog discusses more East End ideas. What does it say that the only two comments on this post were written to stir action and discussion? True that this is just a blog, but sadly enough there are those who will look here and say "North Siders don't really care or aren't interested or are satisfied with whatever the baord decides or..."

Questioner said...

Many people still do not know that this forum is available! Please tell those on the North Side about the opportunity to comment here.

Anonymous said...

Even us southerners know what happens in the east, west, and north, eventually impacts us all.