Sunday, October 10, 2010

That's ironic!

On the October "Start a new post" Anonymous wrote:

"Antioch College is listed as an asbestos job site "


Questioner said...

Hmmm, it might be necessary to make do with some of those abestos buildings at a cash strapped college. But the plaintiff lawyers posting information on which job sites have asbestos might be interested in the unusually high bar we have said is necessary for safety at Pgh schools.

Anonymous said...

Can we attempt a listing of PPSD SCHOOLS for public consumption as a safety issue?

We as parents and educators are the Plaintiffs! Now that Schenley is closed-go for it. Food for thought.
THE PFT Union has an agreement from decades ago about asbestos in building- a hush hush agreement?
TWO of their Union leaders died of cancer-Fondy and Schrager-as my neighbors have indicated and many other teachers at an early age-not due to smoking, etc.

This should be resurrected for teacher and public consumption-this protected teachers from suing for illnesses. This is true-where is Old Timer-he could investigate.

We need an invetigative reporter from the news media.

Those asbestos buildings at Roosevelt’s future cash strapped college-the reason for its closure other than the Civil War, etc..????

Anonymous said...

While I am in agreement about teachers working in sick buildings, I'm wondering about the argument here. You see, I don't get the point.
Schenley's gone. It's not coming back. I agree one hundred percent that what Roosevelt and his friends did was horrible, but how that note is intertwined with the sick building comment, which is intertwined with Fondy, Schrader, George Cupples, Bobby Pajak and myriad others who died long before their time--and finally ties back to Antioch--is beyond me.
Sorry, maybe I am reading you wrong.
Roosevelt's leaving in and of itself is strange. For a possible job? With a pay cut?
And I thought his family was in New Mexico.

Questioner said...

As one former board member noted, buildings are closed, buildings are opened; Reizenstein and Milliones were closed, then they were opened. Nothing would prevent the Schenley building from being brought back, if the decision was made to do so. There is no indication that Schenley or any of the other asbestos buildings (Miller, Vann, Woolslair, Manchester) ever made anyone sick. Air quality monitors never registered a problem and Northview students are being moved into Vann next year.

Anonymous said...

Questioner said... October 10, 2010 6:30 PM

Explain in more detail -Air quality monitors never registered a problem and Northview students are being moved into Vann next year.

When are the schools checked-periodically, annually, etc?

Many parents feel their children are attending schools with black mold issues.

One parent was concerned about Linden Elementary and mold-she and her family discussed this with people with no results.

Questioner said...

In all of the schools that still have significant asbestos remaining (Schenley, Miller, Vann, Woolslair, Manchester) the air quality is monitored for asbestos every month and there has NEVER been a dangerous level at any of these buildings. Mold is another matter- it is not covered under the AHERA public disclosure provisions. There may be other testing which is required (or not required but done anyway) for mold.

Anonymous said...

Questioner @ October 10, 2010 7:33 PM

Thank you for the input-I wanted clarification.

Questioner said...

The concerned family can probably make a Right to Know Law request for documents showing results of any evaluation done of mold at Linden.