Sunday, October 10, 2010

Improving the process

On another post Questioner said

"With so much money involved- is there a way to free the process of the effect of favors done for certain people at certain times?"

Anontoo said

"Wow, Questioner. This query should be reposted everyday until an answer is found."


Anonymous said...

It would be nice to have some assurance that the curriculum is pure. That the materials and resources chosen were done so with the audience (pps students) in mind and not because some really well-educated individual had stong feelings about the quality of the product or liked the way it sounded or the way someone presented it.

Anonymous said...

Are you joking?
Look, there is no way---none---that the University of Pittsburgh should have ANYTHING to do with PPS curriculum. The first thing an investigative reporter should look into are such deals. They should make sure they look into PELA, as well.
Pure? That's the funniest word I've seen associated with curriculum. There is nothing pure about this curriculum. Absolutely no thought was put into the direction of the students.
This was a proverbial pissing contest from the top and ever since it was written, it has been a continual effort to preserve it, no matter how outrageously poor it is.
Quality of product? Jeez. You really have no clue.

anon208 said...

Actually I do have a clue anonymous 9:22, as a parent I get my clues from the kid who comes home from school and expresses frustration with how and what he is learning. Or actually, worse yet, has given up expressing his frustration because despite complaints, nothing can be changed. We are too deep in our investment to change course right now. Taking concerns to a PTO or PSCC meeting is futile because numbers are usually small and sometimes a parent must first be concerned about other aspects of daily school life. Going directly to the district alone or in a samll group brings polite answers but never any confidence that an alternate idea will be given a though look. My post was written to get a reaction and I am sorry for two things now. That I elevated your BP and that I elevated ONLY your BP.

Anonymous said...

It served to elevate my BP thanks to the comments about your child, which we can certainly relate to.
How can you as a teacher stand idly by and watch the ship sink? And if you try to save it, you may lose your job thanks to Captain Queeg and her officers that wish to ensure "fidelity to curriculum", that is, they want to ensure that even though you see the ship taking on water, you continue to let it sink.

Amazing, no?

This town is full of media drones who have made Roosevelt a saint when he has destroyed education.