Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rhee to resign

On another post Anonymous wrote:

"Rhee, Washington Schools Chancellor, to Resign Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It is Wednesday and another super is resigning!

CHICAGO CEO Ron Huberman




The SUPERS AS reformers or gardeners are ditching their gardens for winter-they did not plant perennials. They planted annuals.



Questioner said...

It is unfortunate that none of these superintendents will ever be held fully accountable. If results are not good the explanation will be that someone else changed what they set up.

Anonymous said...

Right you are, Questioner.

I don't have a PhD, so I'm not smart enough to know if the programs set up by Rhee, Roosevelt, etc had any merit in the first place.

But I do know that they wrecked the morale of their employees.

And morale is a key component to the success of any organization.

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope MR didn't clear out to make room for Rhee! Is the timing just cooincidence?

Anonymous said...

She will only take a high profile position.

Anonymous said...

Rhee is in very tight with the Danielson Group and their staff.

I believe the PPS job is a very high profile job-we have all the paid educational initiatives in place-ready to go.
HIS is a high profile job-with TEACHER ACADEMY, no union contract woes and Gates money.

Basically the Super just has to be the Host or Hostess or Chair as in a huge function or party.


Anonymous said...

This would be a step down for Rhee. In looking at all of the magazine covers to appearances on major networks, Pittsburgh just doesn't stack up.
This kind of individual has higher goals, to be sure.
We've already endured one phony in charge of education. Why would anyone seek to 'woo' the uber-phony? Another corporate type who fails to understand that the best teachers inspire, empathize, have patience, have know, things you don't find in a curriculum.

Anonymous said...

We do not need another Broad Graduate. Rhee & Roosevelt both are. I fear we will get another.

Rhee is too busy trying to be the martyr/"Superman". She has no time for Pittsburgh thank goodness.

Apparently, The "uneducated" DC voters were her Kryptonite. Her major supporters all have kids in private schools.

Anonymous said...

Like in pgh where the supporters in the foundation have their kids in catholic school.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, DC income v Pittsburgh and DC influence v Pittsburgh. Rhee has no interest in anything but self promotion.

I would bet all my chips on Pittsburgh if it came down to which school district in the long run has a better chance. We actually still have a middle class, DC is wealthy or poor.

The long and winding Broads...

Anonymous said...

About those foundations, just how long before the people funding the Promise look at PSSA scores, see stagnation and decide to spread their money around to the private schools? We have an assistant superintendent who has watered down curriculum and written a grading policy that in concept, places kids on the pathway to the promise. Problem is, their PSSA scores say otherwise. Their SAT scores say otherwise.

So just how long before these foundations opt to spend their money in a more beneficial way?
Just how long before the house of cards this assistant superintendent has built comes toppling down?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone considered that the timing of these departures coincide with the upcoming elections, the necessity to raise property taxes to pay for the initiatives set in place, and that their children are school age now.

Now that the neolibs have captured the trust of moderates and conservatives with the purse strings, the house of cards built upon deception and a weak foundation is about to collapse so they hit the highway. They will show up somewhere else to wreck havoc once the constituents forget their history.

Be careful of promises of change and reform, fore these promises may not be what YOU envisioned. Always ask the tough questions. Call them to get their visions before making decisions that effect you life.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:23, your commentary is so full of pretzel logic that it is almost undecipherable. MONEY and GREED know no affiliations to political parties. Anytime a corporate entity like Broad, a multi-billionaire masquerading as a philanthropist like Gates or a corporate leader-type like Roosevelt are involved, FOLLOW THE MONEY.

I've come to think that the political system in this country is now nothing more than white noise, simply static to dissuade your attention from the thievery going on at your expense every day. Our district's leadership is a great example of both the static interference and the thievery.

See the bigger picture, friend.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:25

Friend, I understand why my "pretzel" logic, as you refer to it as, may seem 'almost' undecipherable since you are only capable of simple thinking.

A simpleton blames 'greed' as the evil for all ills of society. Money is only a stepping stone to power and control. Money is nothing to multimillionares and billionares, but what money can buy is the power.

These initiatives put in place by the Broads are sociopolitical. If you can't understand that, then you need to clean the wax out of your ears because that whitenoise is a squeeching train speeding towards you.

However, my friend, there is hope for you since you were capable of deciphering my 'pretzel' logic.

Questioner said...

Please, can we keep the discussion friendly- there is no need for insults.

Anonymous said...

No, a simpleton is someone who believes that there is some difference between political parties. A simpleton is someone who fails to realize that while the nation suffered irreparable damage thanks to 8 years of Bush-Cheney, the democrats came into prominence halfway into the second term on a mandate from the people, and did nothing. They've continued to do nothing today.

A simpleton is someone who wishes to play the media-propagated name game, "neocon" "neolib"--it all distracts from the bigger picture, which is politics for the purpose of maintaining the status quo at the very least, or enacting policy that will enhance profits at the other end of the spectrum. It's all about forming alliances, arranging cash streams and allowing corporate interests to determine policy. Have you been asleep during the BP disaster?

Money equals power. Gates is no politician, nor is Broad, and yet their money brings great power and enhances their ability to enact social change for whatever agenda that drives them.

Please, try to write in an intelligent manner. Anyone who wants to enjoy the political shell game need only turn on the TV these days and watch the myriad ads that serve to confuse as to why these individuals want the positions to begin with. It's not to help middle class Americans.

You're embarrassing yourself as usual, "friend".

Mom of 2 said...

Rhee seems to thrive on instilling fear into her teachers. Anyone who has ever worked in a position of authority (and wanted to do a good "long term" job) knows that fear doesn't work.

If she and MR have done such a bang up job why the rush to leave?? Stay and see where your "reforms" take the kids who have been subjected to them.