Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Televised interview on achievement, cultural relevance, and more

A PCTV21 interview with Board member Mark Brentley and educator Marge McMackin can be seen on Comcast Channel 21 or Verizon Channel 47 at the following days and times, or online at PCTV21.org.

10/7 at 7AM

10/11 @ 8 PM

10/15 @ 7 PM

10/18 @ 8 PM

10/20 @ 2 PM

10/22 @ 7 PM

10/25 @ 10 AM

10/27 @ 2 PM

11/1 @ 10 AM


Questioner said...

Research on the New Teacher Center survey procedures suggests that teachers have to enter an assigned access code. Maybe some teachers taking the survey can help us out here on how it worked. You have to wonder if teachers will be completely honest if their names are linked to an access code.

Anonymous said...

Man, will Mr. Brentley's comments be relevant now?

Somehow MB will eventually say MR timed any announcement as a way to steal his moment in the sun, or blah, blah, blah...

Anonymous said...

The show was mostly about PSSA results and state standards and ALAs. It is worth watching for a second time for me to catch one or two of the guest's comments that caught me going "huh?"