Saturday, October 9, 2010

Who should the next superintendent be?

From the PG:


Questioner said...

The most basic question will probably be- Broad or not Broad. Based on what board members have said so far they will probably seek a Broad replacement, but other districts who have tried Broad have very consciously replaced Broad superintendents with NON Broad.

Anonymous said...

This morning's P-G article suggests to me that the Board will look within the current administration. They are already starting their PR spin on this. Taxpayers definitely need to have input into this selection process. The Board has already demonstrated they aren't savy enough to select a superintendent.

Anonymous said...

A search committee should also compromise a panel of teachers and parents at least during the first several rounds.

We all know with MR LEAVING----- WE ARE STUCK WITH Dr Lane as Interim Superintendent.

Think about people sare already Christmas shopping-it is midterm-they have this all locked up-and we as parents are stuck with the same crappy regime as taxpayers.

This is terrible to state this-but because of DR Lane's recognized community leadership in the African American ranks-she would silence Brentley-and yes, race can play in this game-under the carpet-because she is very highly qualified for the job-but race is the factor to silence half of the community-placate.

Nevertheless, this board fears change and PPS ADM-SHE IS a RENOWN BLACK WOMAN. Thus, we are really stuck with the same regime.

I do not hear thru the halls at the Board they are actively searching for another superintendent.
his Board loves the STATUS QUO with power-they fear the change in ranks-thus Lippert could be acting Assistance Superintendent – Dr Mulbeuher can mover to Lippertt‘s job and add Lopez into the mix.
Alternatively, they can pay one person more money to do two jobs.


ROOSEVELT is costing us a quarter of a million of dollars to leave 12-31-10. $450 for sick/vacation days-and they complain about other crap.
arka states in the newspapers –he thinks it should be an insider for the job-this is one time we NEED an outsider not part of this regime—bring in new people and yes we can be better off-they will bring fresh ideas-we will not lose Gates, etc.

They will use Gates, etc. as linchpins to keep what they want as their power-

What do you think?


Where's the Gardener?

anon said...

I'll take Lane over Lopez.

Questioner said...

Odds are that LL will still head to Iowa. If she stays here she'll need to continue with MR's plans, flawed as they are, and she'll be left holding the bag for not making them work. And, she'll still have to do the difficult fundraising for a plan (Pgh Promise) that MR would continue to get all the credit for.

Anonymous said...

Most of the board members don't seem to like Lopez much. He stepped in to fill a void as the super lost interest and drive.

Anonymous said...

I assume LL turned down that prestigious Iowa position because she knew what was coming down the pike. She's a Broadie herself -- why wouldn't she be the perfect fit to take over MR's job?

Same song. Just a different verse.

Questioner said...

The prestigious Iowa position was for only 3 months- then the new govenrnor will make a choice. Better to be appointed by a new gov than the old one.

Anonymous said...

December is just around the corner. They don't have enough time to pick from the outside. Lane has the inside track...

Questioner said...

Prediction- LL will prefer Iowa.

Anonymous said...

I like the theatrical sound of Mr. Lopez's voice but not the words/tone that accompany it. If you have watched any boardmeetings you may have noted he seemes annoyed at some of the boardmember's questions at times. He is not a good fit for superintendent for this board or district.

This should be interesting and could be ugly too.

Anonymous said...

Getting annoyed when questioned is often a sign of insecurity.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 11:01..Theatrical sound of his voice???? LOL Lopez seems annoyed... Have you listened to some of the questions? I might have the same response...

Anonymous said...

I will take LL over Lippert. Her policies have been trainwrecks and still she refuses to listen to reason. Lord help us.

anon 11:01 said...

Anon 12:24, I do not question his justification at being annoyed at a superintendency letting annoyance show as quickly as he does will not be good.

Anonymous said...

He should not be viewed as a serious candidate.

Anonymous said...

The PG article says 20 internal candidates have the certification..Lane, Lippert, and Lopez are the most visible and the most likely.

As a teacher in the district, the choice will determine the direction of the district...LL-More MR ... Lippert-More Managed Curriculum ... Lopez-More school closings and 6-12s...

The next two months will determine a lot. We all better pay attention.

Questioner said...

Visibility is not always a plus. Who are some of the other 20?

Anonymous said...

To Anon 12:37...The high school principals love Mr. Lopez. My principal really likes him. I have watched him in my school. He is a serious candidate.

To Quest 12:53...The certification is a Superintendents Letter of Eligibility. All Asst Supts have them and probably some curriculum supervisors.

Can't you get that information with a request to the Board?

Anonymous said...

With the PPS School Board One does not need a teaching degree, principal or curriculum specialist certification or a letter of superintendent eligibility?

We had Mark Roosevelt-got his the fast way from the state of PA saying yes for his Broadie.

Oh my I am using him already in the past tense.
ust a few Candidates to mention as a start;

Pat Gennari-former Superintendent in Penn Hills?

The Principal at Sci-Tech-he is ready to go into the job-just been knighted degreed.

Former teachers that are biggies that are renowned Principals in other districts

Dr. Harrington from Pine-Richland. A real pizazz lady-great fit and very knowledgeable of teaching and learning theories.
r Francis Barnes former Interim Pa Secretary of Education and Super in another Pa District.

John Tarka? To be honest he is the best choice-he knows where the pieces fall. Uncertain of his educationa background.

Jeri Lippert

Derrick Lopez

Cyndi Mulbuheaur

The Chicago Super is looking!

Just named some garden varieties.

Anonymous said...

How about Sam Franklin?

Anonymous said...

That is an evil joke!

Anonymous said...

In addition to Dr. John Thompson,
why not consider
Dr. Francis V. Barnes the
1st African American Secretary of Education
in Pennsylvania___for PPS Superintendent.

Dr. Barnes taught at Westinghouse High School,
was Dean of Students at Allegheny Middle,
Principal at North Allegheny High School,
Superintendent at Hopewell, North Huntington, and Palisades School Districts.
PA Secretary of Education
Earned his PhD at University of Pittsburgh.

An educational leader with intelligence and integrity.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Francis V. Barnes-I second that motion-a great choice.

He has the expertise base of working with all people-a true people person, charismatic, excellent leadership skills; his work at Palisades is an excellent career illustration of working with mandated state and national teaching and learning models.

He is results oriented with positive outcomes. He has a record of accomplishment of that proves he has dealt with all aspects of the mandated educational agendas.

Familiar with all the professional agendas-Gates should love his accomplishments.

He was PA Secretary of Education- and was great.

He is an achiever with heart and soul-he is for the children-and a gentleman-the Pittsburgh academic, cultural, and business communities would welcome him.

A great role model for our youth and African-American males-and for all adults-yes you can make it if one has to stumble-an excellent change agent.

He is not a blue blood but a true blood-a person that can handle it all.

A distinguished alumnus from Pitt-he worked hard to get where he is at today-like us all that plant gardens-he knows what it is like to deal with growth issues.

We all have them. He overcame a tiny garden that needed help and turned it into a huge field that reaps flourishes and progressed when he thought there would be no chances.

He should be a serious candidate for consideration.

Dr Faison and Dr Wallace would be proud of the choice.

he could be making great money where he is at-Supers pf SD make great salaries in Eastdrn Pa.

Questioner said...

Can someone contact him to see if he is interested? It would be good to have someone who doesn't have to start learning about Pittsburgh and its schools from scratch.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1:40, I will say prayers tonight--literally--that none of your choices are even given an interview, and save for the Chicago super, I know them all.

I don't know much about Dr.Barnes other than what has been written here, but I do respect Dr.Faison...not Dr.Wallace.

Someone...anyone....but please, someone who recognizes that we are all charged with moving kids forward, that teachers are the most valuable commodity up on the front line and that most of all, across the board the curriculum is a failure as is those who continue to champion it.

They should be shown the unemployment line immediately.

Anonymous said...

John Thompson would have to clean house in administration. Here is a man who APPRECIATED the work of teachers. He would be in the midst of people who abhor them and publicly downgrade the fact that they were ever teachers to begin with, as if there is some shame in having been in the classroom.
Here in this snakepit of vindictiveness and vitriolic blame games, Thompson would have to show the gumption to ask for resignations.
We've lost good board members like Randall Taylor in favor of "yes-men" who rubber stamped everything the current superintendent asked for. They should take a lesson from the Jefferson Hills board and learn what the idea of being responsible to constituency actually means.
I'd take John back in a heartbeat over ANYONE in this administration.

But wasn't John bought out under mysterious circumstances?

As for Dr.Barnes, I wonder about gentlemen--real human beings, salt of the earth types. Yes, there needs to be a climate change in this administration and within this school board. Empathy and understanding need to come to the forefront. That said, would Dr.Barnes be the man to affect change and hand pink slips to the vindictive element that dominates PPS???

Anonymous said...

I wish Mr. Rogers was still alive.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... October 10, 2010 3:01 AM

I wish Mr. Rogers was still alive.

A nice man Mr. Rogers, but we need to be real-a living person-I wish my family were alive-ignorance is not bliss.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Francis V. Barnes, Superintendent
Contact Info:
610-847-5131, ext. 4024

This how to reach him.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Francis V. Barnes, Superintendent
Contact Info:
610-847-5131, ext. 4024

This how to reach him.

Questioner said...

Replacing the above post of a letter called "Let's have more thrills" w/ the link- since for copyright purposes the newspapers prefer that blogs, etc. not post entire pieces.

Anonymous said...

Re: Dr. Francis V. Barnes;

I believe the email address should have a "v" after the "f" and before barnes______so if it comes back "undeliverable" send again____with the "v"_______maybe try both in the initial "send."

He is just the RIGHT person for job!

Anonymous said... is the accurate email handle.

WE NEED Mr. Brentley and MR. Taylor to take a leadership move-as well as Dr Faison and many other respected community leaders-they need to comprise a group of respected educational and parent community leaders.

Also, We need to have a headhunter to approach him-is Lee Nicholos-the former PPS HR DIRECTOR working still as an headhunter for educational leadership candidates?

He might say no at first but with cajoling and we mean big time cajoling- add Pitt in the mix-Pitt loves to have a person of his expertise on staff for graduate classes.

This Board will keep the status quo-too bad we cannot have open meetings-they will keep Dr Lane-boy has she been hidden from the media lights-was she at Roosevelt’s announcement the other day-the start of his farewell tour to Pgh.

Lane was probably out taking Gardening classes AT Home Depot for mulching.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What will be the deciding factor for Dr.Barnes or any other candidate comes down to this, no matter the resume: is he his own man? Does he think for himself and act in a logical manner in determining what is best for the kids?

If so, he'll never be hired.

This "board" wants a puppet--someone who carries on the shell game. Great PR and a great deal of money coming in, but inside, a lot of trouble that is not being addressed.

Start with the horrible curriculum that fails our kids miserably. Start with getting rid of the authors who demand compliance or a pink slip.

Amazing times. I have to pinch myself to remember we live in a democracy.

Anonymous said...

"Bad Seeds" from the Trib.

Anonymous said...
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Questioner said...

Had to remove the above post b/c it pasted the entire Trib piece- but here is the "gist" of the opinion piece:

"In commenting on his departure, Roosevelt touted himself as something of a "turn-around" artist. But what exactly did he turn around in Pittsburgh?"

- Is this opinion by the Trib's editorial board? Maybe worth a separate topic.

Anonymous said...
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Questioner said...

Had to delete the above post b/c it included the entire text of letters to the ed- but see the links on "Recruit Rhee?"