Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Antioch/ Roosevelt/ Broad

On the October "Start a new post" Anonymous wrote:

"Presidential nominee Mark Roosevelt live video today—Faculty ...
By edmkoz

Presidential nominee today Tune in today at 3:30 pm for live video streaming of Antioch College presidential nominee Mark Roosevelt in an open meeting at.
Antioch College Alumni Association... -"

In reference to PPS, this link is perhaps most interesting because it leads to the following:

"I have sought to learn about who he is and
what he has done, and what I have found indicates his close affiliation with
the Broad Foundation. This is unsettling news. Broad is not a good fit with
Antioch’s historic values about community governance, participation, and
faculty involvement..."


Questioner said...

Yes, the Broad teaching is definitely not known for an emphasis on transparency and community engagement. But will fundraising trump that?

Anonymous said...

I posted something more in depth regarding this under new topics.

Anonymous said...

Having read the words of Deborah Meier, revered alumnus of Antioch, with interest, I suggest great caution. Deborah is a woman who created, in Harlem, one of the most impressive schools in the country___Central Park East Secondary School. (I spent a day at her school, some years ago, and was forever changed about what is possible for schools in urban areas.) She also wrote "The Power of Their Ideas" speaking of the children. I would warn her that the philosophy she espouses and lives is the antithesis of the work of Mark Roosevelt in our beloved Pittsburgh Public Schools_____enough said.

Anonymous said...

Questioner-your last blog post -excellent work to find that directive information-I was not able.

MR is being selected for the money trail that will go to this closed college. BROAD, Gates Heinz BEHIND THIS.-maybe


Marilyn Monroe sang this old song-it was recently on TCM channel.
Now to the article------

Founders Day events celebrate Antioch College
Yellow Springs News

The finalist for the position of college president, Mark Roosevelt, will be on campus today, Wednesday, Oct. 13, and tomorrow, Oct. 14, for a series of...

I was not able to paste the link.

The finalist for the position of college president, Mark Roosevelt, will be on campus today,

Wednesday, Oct. 13, and tomorrow, Oct. 14, for a series of interviews with college stakeholders. Roosevelt will meet villagers and Antioch College community members at a public forum Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. at Herndon Gallery.
MR visiting the community members?

I do not remember his open arms with PPS community-parents and students.

The Antioch College Board of Trustees is also meeting on campus this weekend and is expected to vote on the hiring of Roosevelt by Sunday, Oct. 17, according to Board President Lee Morgan.

Anonymous said...

Read the comments that follow.

Anonymous said...

Hyperlink got cut off

Anonymous said...

Susan Opotow in the Antioch article states the following:
"Briefly, Broad is part of a neoliberal movement to privatize/corporatize education. The *modus operandi *is this *-- *Beneficent foundations bring a big business sense of efficiency to schools, along with high stakes testing for students and the monitoring teachers’ 'achievement' based on vendor-supplied quantitative measures. These foundations generously supply school districts with leaders who are the products of their own training institutes, paying 100% of their first year salary, a smaller percentage the second year, etc., until the school district assumes 100% of the salary and has bought into the corporatist/privatized model of education. Applying a business model emphasis to schooling leaves out important aspects of education, particularly viewing learning as a collective enterprise (cf.,John Dewey) that is based on relationships. Indeed, relationships in the classroom can infuse the educational intellectual project with meaning (cf.,bell hooks’s emphasis on the *life of the mind; )

Please, let us persuade PPS Board Members that we must get off this track! We now have the opportunity. SEIZE THE MOMENT!

Anonymous said...

The BOARD has taken Broad foundation training. The last piece they needed was the teachers contract.

It is too late.

Anonymous said...

It is NEVER TOO LATE. We can't give up before we start.


Questioner said...

In this speech, Mark Roosevelt presented himself as a person who is collaborative and values diversity, and as a person who "figures out what needs to happen and then makes it happen." He states that his integrity has never been questioned and that he places a high value on having an open mind. He admits that not all in Pittsburgh have such a positive impression but as always explains criticism as the result of 22 schools being closed.

Has politics always been this way? Or did it start with Clinton and questions about what the definition of is is, fine tuned by Rovian techniques in the Bush White House?

Anonymous said...

He has no integrity, he hires layers of management to make it appear like he is.

Questioner said...

The "22 schools" does not seem to be at the top of the list of most people who question the administration's performance over the last 5 years, but given that this administration brings the closings up so often- does anyone remember much collaboration in planning which schools to close or consolidate, or any particular attention to creating or even maintaining diverse schools?

Anonymous said...

Year one closed 22 schools=Hard decisions, uneducated community, poor guy couldn't win with us idiots.

Other than Schenley I can't recall closing schools being a major issue regarding complaints. Lisa Fischetti deserves a major personal bonus from Mr. Roosevelt, they "Wagged the Tail" to a new art form.

Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

I need sleep! "Wagged The Dog" not tail.

Questioner said...

From the PG:

The "call to commit to excellence" echoes the ultimately unrealized "Excellence for all" and "Excellence in building facilities" campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Everything I have been reading on this blog site suggests PPS is a corrupt School district. I would like to see a reporter who has the guts to take on that can of worms. Also, I haven't heard of one teacher who voted for the latest contract. The mail in vote must go especially when there is no way to verify receipt or validation that the person mailing it is the actual teacher. Suppose it was delivered to the house next door and that person is tired of their tax dollars paying for all of this or vice versa? There needs to be a better system with accountability.

Questioner said...

An investigation would be very difficult- often, various plausible explanations can be offered to explain situations and outcomes.

As for the union vote- there really can't be that many teacher impersonators! The real deciding factor was probably that so many terms apply only to teachers who have not yet been hired and so were not voting.

Anonymous said...

Reporters don't know who to ask.

Anonymous said...

First off, investigative reporters certainly DO know whom to ask and how to dig for stories.
Secondly, I know of at least 3 building administrators who have all said the same thing about the "union vote": with at least $40 million on the table, the vote was a done deal, period, and that anyone who thinks otherwise believes in the tooth fairy.

Tarka pulls out a mailbag that ostensibly contains all of the membership votes collected at a local bank. Please. who knows where the bag came from, or where the real bag really is.

There are some things we'll never know: who really killed JFK, what really happened on 9/11. This might not be as sinister, but it's just as shady.

Questioner said...

Anyone who has real concerns about a tainted vote should ask the NLRB to investigate. Otherwise it just seems like speculation.

Anonymous said...

HA, there are a number of teachers looking in that direction but also in the idea of getting an attorney. But thanks questioner. Your response is almost predictable.

Questioner said...

Look, what we have seen in general are actions that violate the spirit but not the letter of the law. Remember the sham resignation?

Anonymous said...

Roosevelt is the new President of Antioch.....

Anonymous said...


Roosevelt is gone.

He has his t's crossed and dotted his i's on his new contract with a fresh papermate pen.

Antioch College Names Mark Roosevelt Its New President Antioch College

YELLOW SPRINGS Ohio – October 17 2010 – Mark Roosevelt superintendent of the Pittsburgh Public Schools system is the new president of Antioch College ...


Anonymous said...


ENDS PPS 12/31/10 STARTS NEW JOB 01/01/11

Is he a dedicated leader?

Or he can make up the days for the his pocket economics --HE WANTS THE TAXPAYERS' DOLLARS FOR HIS COMPENSATION.

EQUALS $450 A DAY if he takes a day off!

Is he trying to show his job worth or as in politics the old addage a lameduck positon.

Read more:


'While the board was voting in western Ohio, Mr. Roosevelt was in Western Pennsylvania working in the superintendent's office he has occupied for 5 1/2 years. He said he will be on the job through Dec. 31, finishing up work here and helping the Pittsburgh school board with the transition to a new superintendent.'

Anonymous said...

What article states he will be working sundays in pittsburgh to make up days he missed?

Anonymous said...

No article states he will be using the weekends to make up missed time.
Nevertheless, because he worked this Sunday as the article gives as a fact - many school districts strategically give the moola for comp time or servsance pay of sick and vacation time- a gesture of fondness for superior.
Bet my taxpaying dollars-Roosevelt will have an overly generous severance package-with the creative calculations of his personal time as work time.
He probably has a well-crafted contract-that serves this purpose.

Can someone find his renewed PPS contract from last year?
I am still worried as a taxpayer the money flying out the door for MR-that will compromise the new super incentives.