Friday, October 22, 2010

Open forums

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I simply do not understand why Pittsburgh residents have no say or power while watching this ridiculous waste of money, time & resources is ignored. PPS deflects instead of admitting shortcomings.

Most cities would be so angry and try and hold the board and superintendent accountable.

I try and explain the situation to my family. Most are employed in education and all out of state. When I explain what is going on here; I get the following responses. "You're kidding right?" , " That does not make sense", "You must have misunderstood", followed by my favorite: "No teacher would have signed that contract.

We have zero open forums that allow discussion. This needs to change, and it is ridiculous that this is the status quo.

I want to know why and if anything can be done about it.

Why don't we even have easy access to our school board members? They don't publish their PPS emails on PPS site.


Questioner said...

The website gives the email for the board office, which will forward emails. But, many people report that they do not receive responses. Those that do not receive responses might save the emails until the next election, show that they asked reasonable questions, and then ask if the nonresponsive members have the necessary time to devote to communication with constituents.

Anonymous said...

This ok?

Anonymous said...

This is a school district, not the US senate.

ZERO community meetings, they faux listen during mandatory meetings once a month, which does not allow conversation between the Serfs and the Board.

The disconnect is astounding, yet acceptable for some reason I can't wrap my head around.