Thursday, March 17, 2011

3 teens arrested

On a "Start a new post" Anonymous wrote:

"The 3 teens arrested yesterday are all U Prep. This school was supposed to be really working with kids there."


Questioner said...

PG article, "Three teens arrested in Oakland, Hill District robbery spree":

Anonymous said...

There are many more events like this than even get reported. They may only be reporting when a gun is involved. There are incidents around allderdice at the times students are at night school.

Anonymous said...

But are they Promise Ready?

Anonymous said...

yet they say the three teens went
to U Prep,what's your point?
U Prep suppose to teach students there is a way to obtain money instead of using arm robbery

Questioner said...

The Pittsburgh Promise was supposed to provide an incentive to stay out of trouble. Is there something that might have worked better?

PS Boys only classes apparently weren't the answer.

Anonymous said...

Similar- I hear there is a fight going on now in Homewood, started when a Westinghouse girl jumped a Peabody girl.

Anonymous said...

UPrep teaches us several lessons:

-Either the University of Pittsburgh is a bad partner OR the School District of Pittsburgh is;
-There is no causal link between additional spending and increased student achievement;
-The hard work is not in the "dreaming big" but in execution.

I cannot help but fear that in the six weekends in which Broad Academy graduates are taught to be superintendents that tactical excellence is neither taught nor encouraged.

What a shame, an absolute shame. The kids of Milliones deserve so much more.

Anonymous said...

Really, couldn't these kids have been students anywhere?

Disgruntled said...

-Either the University of Pittsburgh is a bad partner OR the School District of Pittsburgh is;
-There is no causal link between additional spending and increased student achievement;

At the time plans were being made, Schenley parents were asking about the HOW of Pitt being involved, the SPECIFICS of their involvement, etc.

We were told that there would be lots of extra bodies in the rooms, although it couldn't be explained who those bodies would be. Education students don't just spend all day in a school for free if it isn't their student teaching.

We asked for and never saw a contract or any sort of agreement between the PPS and Pitt that would spell out any details -- what Pitt would provide, how long they would provide it, etc.

Is there extra money spent on the school itself? They spent to renovate the building and to get it started, but did they actually spend to have more teachers, more counselors, more support staff?

It was wishful thinking, basically, and their wishes haven't come true. Not that I'm bitter.

Questioner said...

Wasn't the whole premise of U Prep that unlike kids anywhere, these kids would be in a small setting where there would be a laser like focus keeping them on track? The stated expectation was that each student would finish ready for a university.

Anonymous said...

How is University of Pittsburgh involved with U Prep? Do they have Pitt student teachers or interns in classes with PPS teachers? What's being implemented there involving a university?

Please explain what's supposed to be special about U Prep.

Anonymous said...

someone made a good point what's is the purpose of having U Prep that never was discuss seems funny
these three males went to U Prep yet they committed a felony under
U Prep watch that's not suppose to happen going to a Prep school so labels don't mean nothing.
all glitter on the outside don't
always represent on the inside.
big question do U Prep teach
LIFE SKILLS!!!!!!!! that would help
meaning some kind of SOCIAL SKILLS
it's true never heard the basic
concept for having U Prep people
got excited because of the NAME
which makes it look good WRONG
another BLUNDER no fact finding
research to see what's all involve
of having a Prep School,it's purpose PPS specialty just throw
money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!enclosing was that one of the FAILED schools on the Pa. list lets keep it REAL now

Old Timer said...

At an assembly immediately following the arrests, the principal instructed students to 'boo' the teachers as, "it's all their faults."

Rancorous booing ensued.

Anonymous said...

It is past time for Principal Hardy to go.