Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dr. Lane proposes 75% cut in planned capital spending

From the PG:


Mark Rauterkus said...

When will there be serious talk again about selling the Board of Ed building in Oakland?

I guess Pitt doesn't have any money either in these times. But, between CMU and Oakland - that must have some upside.

Puzzled Pete said...

Decrease capital spending.

Increase the salaries of the top board administrators, none of whom work with students on a daily basis.

Got it.

Questioner said...

Tribue article on this topic:

- So, maybe the "Gateway Center" at Oliver will be shelved. We haven't heard anything about the "Big Picture" consultant since Roosevelt announced he was leaving. Are we back to square one with the CTE overhaul? Does any of the overhaul remain? Plans such as ending cosmetology at Westinghouse were quietly shelved some time ago.

Questioner said...

More on captial plans:

Rolled into the process are piecemeal changes to the CTE overhaul, such as moving HVAC to the South Annex (instead of Oliver). Board member Jean Fink has long been asking for CTE at the South Annex.

Anonymous said...

The impact caused by the cut in spending will spread across all the building trades and families will feel the pain. That is not to say that school districts are a cash cow but that we all need to look at the future in a different way.

Thank heavens for the anonymity of a good blog that allows me to say that yes, we may need to look at more school consolidations. And it just isn't schools that may need to revisit downsizing. Even our libraries should look at ways to serve the same customer base at the same level of service with fewer branches.

Old Timer said...

I wonder if this will expedite the backroom agreement to sell the Schenley and Reizenstein buildings. After all, we need to keep the bloated upper levels of PPS---you know, the administrative area that has absolutely NOTHING to do with your children---intact.