Saturday, March 12, 2011

PPS management team and salary raises announced

On another post, Anonymous wrote:

Lane selects management team of 8.
Close 5 executive positions, but fill 3 = net reduction 0f 2 jobs.
The reorganization will help reduce costs by $141,000 annually. But look at the salaries (and raises) of her 8.
She needs to do better than this. $141,000 is a drop in the bucket compared to $34 million. This is all just more smoke and mirrors.


Questioner said...

The 5 closed positions are:

The five positions that have been closed are:

"deputy superintendent, superintendent assistant for special projects, academic specialist, chief of talent management and senior program officer for curriculum, instruction and professional development."

We know who the deputy was. Who used to hold the other positions- is there anyone who used to be in management but is not any more?

Old Timer said...

Sadly, I have to say that Dr.Lane has given us more of the same. More individuals filled with downright hatred for teachers who are getting raises at a time when education funding is being cut. This can only be called a step in the wrong direction for teachers and a distinct call to "stay the course" for everyone else. Roosevelt genuflected before people like Gates and Broad, all for the almighty dollar. This was no surprise as after all, the guy was a corporate shill. But for someone who is an educator and truly loves children to not disengage the corporate cruise control and jettison its proponents in high positions at Bellefield Avenue is not only disappointing but disturbing.Isn't there anyone that Dr.Lane can place some faith in who spent time in difficult schools and remember what it means to be a teacher? (And by time..I mean more than a decade) Stocking your high offices with psychologists and gym teachers simply expands the disconnect present between the ivory tower and the real world of education.
I don't have much time left as a teacher, but where kids and teachers are concerned, I have some real concerns for the future of PPS.

Questioner said...

Why would having a former gym teacher in high office promote a disconnect?

Anonymous said...

No depth of experience or expertise in teaching, learning, assessment, curriculum, instruction, standards, purposeful application of higher order thinking skills, etc in the classroom which is supposedly why we have schools.

Questioner said...

But, former gym teachers seem to have done especially well in management positions- Cindy Muhlbauer was principal of one of the most successful elementary schools, and Sophia Facaros is principal of the only 9-12 school to make AYP last year (Schenley). And wasn't Howard Bullard also a former gym teacher? Among current administrative staff, Nancy Kodman is one of the most approachable and practical members. Successful former Westinghouse principal Dr. Marilyn Barnett also started as a gym teacher.

Anonymous said...

Howard Bullard was a special education teacher and a coach. Ms. Stovash is a gym teacher with principal certification and has had vice principal experience; and another vice principal, who has since retired, was a gym teacher. It seems to be the course of many in the PPS.

Anonymous said...

Howard Bullard was a special education teacher.

Many "gym" teachers have been successful in administrative positions because of organizational skills and working with large numbers of students in classes. Just because they chose health and physical education as a primary subject, doesn't mean they don't have minors, masters, or doctorates in other subjects. One can go back to school and gain other expertise. It isn't fair to stereotype "gym" tecahers.

Anonymous said...

I suppose it depends on your definition of "especially well." And for whom could the results be defined as
"especially well?"

The measure of AYP seems not to be well understood, as used here (and elsewhere), since the PA target for achievement was met only by a selected few white students whose education was facilitated by parents with extensive educational backgrounds.

Education should be a reality for the majority!

Anonymous said...

Who are the students who did "especially well" under the administrations aforementioned?

Questioner said...

Does NCLB not require each subgroup (special ed, lower income, etc.) to meet targets in order to make AYP?

Anonymous said...

Getting back to the potential $34 million dollar loss, Dr. Lane must step up and cut more administratively. That is the bottom line. To cut teaching staff and not Bellefield, will be a disaster. This isn't the time to be giving out raises even if people are given added responsibilities. Corbett is asking for teachers' salaries to be frozen. What about the team of 8? PPS is run like a corporation. It's time to do like corporate America then. Cuts and freezes - start at the top.

Questioner said...

What are the chances of programs like Summer Dreamers surviving after this summer? Or the chances of expanding to year round school at the cost of $13M+ more a year? The emphasis is going to have to be on doing more with the time and resources available.

Re: Summer Dreamers, the government warned that one time stimulus funding should not be used on initiatives that would involve recurring expenses, but went ahead with the program anyway (Super. Roosevelt gave assurances that money would become available). From where, when funding for regular after school tutoring is being cut?

Anonymous said...

The Summer Dreamers program is run by a former Broad fellow, who started working for the PPS at an outrageous salary because it was matched by Broad, and was then guaranteed by PPS in the arrangement. This is an example of individuals in the upper echelon making much more money than teachers. Where should those cuts be made??????

anonanon said...

Isn't it true that summer dreamers and RELC are kind of merging this year? The fun part of dreamers will be essentially phased out when the ARRA dollars are done this summer, right?

Do we need to look at closing buildings again to live within our means?

You have to wonder if the release of a reform plan for athletics has been delayed by admin having the thought that major cuts would be coming from the new governor.

This may be a question from a clueless parent, but the one appointment that most surprised me was the chief of staff having the responsibility for empowering efective teachers programs. Even though it could be only management of the team implementing programs, should it be under a non-educator? Is it only the management of the funding? Or, am I wrong about the background of the chief of staff?

Sooner or later every choice has an effect on students.

Anonymous said...

This is a test...

The March agenda review meeting is this week. The minutes from the Jan 2011 legislative meeting are not yet available on the pps site. Odd.

Anonymous said...

11:07 - The "success" of the Effective Teachers Program will very likely depend upon PR; therefore, the choice for management of this program is best controlled by one whose background and experience is PR.

The appropriate choice was made according to the goal which is "success" of the program, not achievement success for students. (The evidence is abundant.)

Mark Rauterkus said...

Wanted: An ORGANIZATIONAL CHART. Could someone please map it out with boxes and lines in an organized way.

Questioner said...

It does exist, will try to get ahold of it.

Anonymous said...

I think these were all open positions? Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Nope, it's reorganization. A lot of us ordinary parents are scared that money invested in turnaround tactics are going to not fail so much, as NOT give the results expected. We are worried about money spent on initiatives like CEP and UPrep. We are worried that once the Gates grant money dries up what will happen next. Everything is so temporary.

One thing about the management team, with few exceptions, they have been around here a while.

Anonymous said...

Revisit this thread form January! Lots of money being handed out.

Randall Taylor said...

The Accelerated Learning Academies are now in the process of being erased from the institutions memory. Dr. Otuwa had oversight over the experiment. Now who does?

This was a highly experimental program that called out for a high amount of scrutiny. Alas, I assume it no longer does. I for one will take evry opportunity to remind people what was done to those children. Maybe some will be able to walk away from what happened, but always remember it was Board Members who allowed it.
It is Board Members who refuse to ask"What is happening in our ALAs?

Questioner said...

Do you mean they are still being called ALA's but the program associated with them is being replaced? Or that they won't even be called ALA's anymore? (The ALA name is more likely do discourage rather than attract enrollment.)

Anonymous said...

RT, the "what was done to those children" from your post begs details. Those words carry some serious implications that could cause a casual reader to get shook up. Couldn't families have opted out of ALAs?

Anonymous said...

No options out of ALAs. These were feeder pattern schools. The 'promise' for success was virtually 'guaranteed' from the District. The results were very disappointing, but very predictable given the lack of alignment to PA standards.

The 'costs' in multiple terms were exorbitant.

anonymous2 said...

Similar to the current math curriculum -- it was piloted in some schools last year and this year they were still figuring out if it aligned to standards/hit the important concepts before the PSSA. Wouldn't that seem to be one of the first things you did when you were building a new curriculum?

Middle school math is still using Everyday Math's middle school version (Connected Math, I think it's called), which again, does little to prepare students for the PSSA and is just NOT the best way to teach the students with the fewest skills in the subject.

Both programs sound good, look good, but they don't work well for any but the students that would do well no matter what program you use.

Anonymous said...

The former Assistant Superintendent for ALAs and Middle Schools who came to Pittsburgh to supervise the ALAs is now the Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, 1:03, there is no one at PPS administration who understands the PA standards nor how they must be integrated into PPS content, core curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment.

When this is accomplished by academically knowledgeable educators, PPS students will SOAR off the charts in academic achievement.

Perhaps it is the phys ed backgrounds of many central office administrators that deters that progress through no lack of intent, but lack of the necessary knowledge.

It has been very revealing that over the past 10 years it was rare and isolated for there to be representation from PPS at the many, many, professional development conferences, workshops, and specific learning opportunities offered by the PA Department of Education and PaTTAN.

PPS rejects and even forbids PD from knowledgeable educators in favor of Broad and Gates consultants. A corporate structure and network have overtaken EDUCATION much to the disadvantage of our children. The new agenda is an adult agenda.

Anonymous said...

It will be nice to see pretentious Rooseveltian names like Office of Talent Management, University Prep, Accelerated Learning, everything's an Academy fall away.

Anonymous said...

"It has been very revealing that over the past 10 years it was rare and isolated for there to be representation from PPS at the many, many, professional development conferences, workshops, and specific learning opportunities offered by the PA Department of Education and PaTTAN."

Anonymous 1:25, your thought above reminded me how happy I used to feel listening to a teacher explain a lesson or literature selection or assignment with great gusto during a parent teacher conference. It has been a long while, perhaps as long as it's been since a highly qualified teacher presented PD.

Anonymous said...

Certainly sends a strong message to increase the salary of key central administrators one day before the new Governor released his budget.

Anonymous said...

ANON March 12, 2011 9:59 AM

Re: Summer Dreamers, the government warned that one time stimulus funding should not be used on initiatives that would involve recurring expenses, but
went ahead with the program anyway (Super. Roosevelt gave assurances that money would become available). From where, when funding for regular after school tutoring is being cut?

The Governor needs to use this as an example to cut-$7900 for each teacher to work-this program this summer a $1900 increase. This was a joke especially with the Roosevelt interview in the 2010 Kansas City Newspaper article-reporting the truth about King's Dreamers Academy and the King Dreamers video as a charade, joke or facade-this is a waste of money and it is state money for education.

We should use it for tutoring the people that ran this program from the Board and hired the Camp leaders need to have this abolished now.

Summer Dreamers reallocate this money to other areas of PPS-Corbett take the money back-it has only lined the pockets of selected workers with money-not the students.

Yes, there were great activities outside by vendors-our kids can get the opportunities other venues and not at the expense of this large sum of money.

Early Childhood was cut for this summer-

Moreover, where are the JANUARY AND FEBRUARY 2011 Board minutes—can one person at the Board least scan them-you mean they need to hire a person to do this job? A PERSON THAT IS AN EMPLOYEE OF THE Board cannot double up under their job classification and do this----this is a sad story.

In addition, can a person tell me all the names of the candidates in each district that are running for our school Board as Ballot Candidates?

Has a person came up with the list.

Anonymous said...

Look on the PPS web site under employment and note all the job postings - including jobs at Bellefield.

Anonymous said...

I am amending my last post - PPS website - staff - other school based personnel to find the list.

Anonymous said...



Have you heard about the next planned Survivor show?

Three board members and three top administrators will be dropped in a high
school classroom for 10 weeks. (the offer is also open to local media
pundits who write articles critical of local schools / teachers )

Each "teacher" will be provided with a copy of their school's
curriculum, and 5 classes of 35 students. Each class will have five
learning-disabled children, three with ADD, one gifted child, and two
who speak limited English. Three will be labeled as severe behaviour
problems and four are on probation and are wearing ankle monitors.

Each "teacher" must complete lesson plans at least 5 days in
advance with annotations, and must modify, organise, or create materials
accordingly while following the required canned curriculum. They will be required to teach students, handle
misconduct, complete a combined litter and graffitti patrol to eliminate
violence, implement technology, document attendance, write referrals,
correct homework and tests, make bulletin boards, compute grades,
complete student reports, document benchmarks, communicate with parents
regularly, and arrange parent conferences.

They must also do interval and lunch duty as required. In addition, they
will complete fire drills. They must attend workshops, faculty meetings,
union meetings, and curriculum development meetings, eliminating
violence meetings, appraisal meetings and moderation meetings just to
name a few.

They must also work extra hard with those students who are behind and/or
learning-disabled, and strive to get them and the two non-English
speaking children proficient enough to take the state achievement
tests and be Promise Ready. They must ensure that all the internal assessment tasks are
completed by the nominated date, personal marking completed and selected
sample scripts available for Department / faculty moderation and review
of the marking to ensure State standards and to forestall possible

If they are sick or having a bad day, they must not let it show. Each
day, they must incorporate reading, writing, math, science, social
studies, and culturally sensitive initiatives into their program.

They must maintain discipline and provide an educationally-stimulating
environment at all times.

The "teachers" will only have access to the golf course on the
weekends, but on their new salary, they will not be able to afford the
greens fees anyway. Every time they receive a pay increase for any
reason, the costs associated with living, food and gas will all rise
to levels disportionately higher than their pay increase. There will be
no access to vendors who want to take them out to lunch, and lunch will
be limited to 25 minutes.

On days when they have interval or lunch duty, the "teachers" will
be permitted to use the staff restroom ( situated on the opposite side
of the building to their teaching space ) as long as another survival
candidate is supervising their class.

They will be provided with three 42-minute planning periods per week
while their students are with specialist teachers.

If the photocopier is working, they may make copies of necessary
materials at this time, provided they have not used up their allotted
number of copies.

The "teachers" must continually advance their own education in
their own time and pay for this advanced training themselves.
Moonlighting at a second job or marrying someone with money can
accomplish this.

The winner will be allowed to return to his or her regular job at the
end of the experience. The rest will remain trapped in an overworked,
underpaid situation that is not appreciated and not respected by other
members of society.


Pass this to your friends who think teaching is easy and to the ones
that know it is hard.

Anonymous said...

Let's add John Tarka and two of his head PFT cohorts to this mix also. They are also out of touch with reality and can use a trip out of their ivory tower.

Mark Rauterkus said...


Anonymous said...

Who is Mark Cambell? I never saw his name prior to this! That must be over 100k job.

It seems like a lot of backdoor deals/jobs are being doled out as the district is hemmorrhaging bonuses to eachother.

Last one out grab the cash and turn out the lights.