Monday, March 7, 2011

Teacher layoffs likely in PA schools

From the PG:


Questioner said...

NYT article about tighter budgets resulting in larger class sizes, and about research on the effect of class size:

- As an aside, a Charlotte NC teacher felt comfortable giving views on the difficulties raised by larger class sizes. These days, it would be surprising to hear this type of comment from a PPS teacher.

a-parent said...

Not too long ago a grandparent/parent/volunteer from Weil got a Community Champion award from the PG. Throughtout all the time she spoke at district parent meetings she continually stood to voice concern over the ever-increasing size of classes.

At least three superintendents heard her words. There always seemed to be a very rehearsed answer from several levels of the administration to counter the idea that education quality was being compromised as the number of students per class was increasing. Smaller class size was the one issue that all parents could agree on. Parents from every level of experience see that so many other strategies have failed yet the one asked for most often, is ignored.

We don't need fewer teachers and bigger class, we need more teacher and smaller classes.

Disgruntled said...

a-parent said:
We don't need fewer teachers and bigger class, we need more teacher and smaller classes.

I think they should make everyone with a teaching certificate at the BOE teach in the schools. X hours per week, following the directions/guidance of the classroom teacher.

They could do differentiated activities, remediation, drill, be a mentor type tutor, whatever. But it would get them out to what they've forgotten AND it would let them see what the new curriculum really looks like in actual (not walk through) practice. I think that shock might bring about big changes.

Anonymous said...

you need to play close attention
they are laying down the foundation to have a excuse to lay off bad teachers base on the economy before you could not now you be able to lay off the bad teacher(s) also regardless how much SENORITY they are writing a bill now in Harrisburg to lay off certain teachers and really don't
have go by SENORITY meaning the board and PPS administration have authority

a-parent said...

At least Corbett sees that the Keystone exams are too costly. Some who thought PPS should design their own when the exit exam issue was floated are now wondering if the admin saw the future. There's where to begin cuts. How much money was spent studying the need for Keystone exams? Money that could have gone into classrooms.

Anonymous said...

Anything from Kaplan...

Think millions and millions of dollars. These tests are flawed and measure nothing. A huge facade foisted on the masses for huge, huge profits. Teachers you all went into the wrong profession. Writing these tests and then coming up with for-profit study courses yields tons of profit.