Thursday, March 3, 2011

Plan for efficiency in NYC/ why were we paying $240k/yr

A recent NYT article describes how the governor of NY State has noted the need for school systems to reduce "back office overhead, administration and consultants," and to encourage consolidation.

He is also seeking to limit superintendent pay. The article notes that the chancellor of the NYC school system, who receives $250k/year, would not be subject to the new limits.


Questioner said...

NYC has about 1.1 million public school students. Why was the superintendent of PPS, with only about 25,000 students and a much lower cost of living, receiving almost as high a salary ($240k/year) as the NYC chancellor?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is because so many here in Pittsburgh were overly impressed with whose great-grandson our dear departed superintendent was, rather than his experience and track record. Even the last PG article on Linda Lane mentioned the royal lineage, which has nothing to do with the job description.

Anonymous said...

yea why should we pay a superintendent number one a high salary for the amount of students in PPS also in a fragile economy in which the govenor of Pa. is ready to cut back on money for education,meaning there needs to be a standard meaning some programs get cut back like head start among others,like i always say PPS just lkes to throw money around with know accountability

Anonymous said...

I don't think you are being very fair. Mr. Roosevelt attended the "learn how to be a Superintendent in six weekends" academy and was successful in recruiting similarly qualified staff to the district. That kind of leadership is priceless.

deegazette said...

Could the RIGHT superintendent be worth a salary over 200,000? Yes. Could Dr. Lane be worth her salary? Absolutely. If you listen to her, she has insights and will actually share them. To justify expanding the PPS efforts to acquire grants of all kinds her answer showed ahe knew what was coming down in terms of government funding cuts.

She seems ready to protect the district from as many cuts as she possibly can.

Maybe we each need to answer the question "just how much is a _________ worth?" Plug in any education professional. Start with super.