Thursday, March 24, 2011

Central office budget cuts

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"CENTRAL OFFICE BUDGET CUTS? If Dr. Lane id trying to prove how fiscally responsible she is why did they just hire another person whose "resposibility" is to put together the monthly Board Tab? Her track record so far says that she should have given this responsibility to someone already employed by the District and given them a pay raise. In this instance it actually would have saved the District money."


Anonymous said...

They are taking the money and running away quickly.

It breaks my heart.

Curious George said...

Dr. Lane missed an opportunity here.

When she reorganized the central office, she should not have given raises, even though some people had some added responsibility.

Everyone is making do with less these days. And those top administrators were making well over $100,000 to begin with.

Consider the PPS teachers. They are being given much more paperwork to do under the new RISE program. And there are more meetings to attend, which cut into their lesson-planning time.

That all adds up to more teacher responsibilities, without a commensurate raise in pay.

Holding the line for the top central office staff would have sent a great message - It's a new morning here at PPS, and we are rolling up our sleeves to get the job done.

Think of the positive publicity that would have garnered!

Instead the public is seeing big administrator salaries get even bigger.

Anonymous said...

Central office staff is way to large for a district this size.
MR kept hiring more & more layers of management. They rip apart teachers just justify their jobs.


Anonymous said...

now we been discussing about the Central Office budget cuts now once again listen no research and fact finding on looking overall at all PPS departments, my point is why all focus on Central Office how about the rest of the PPS departments to see where some departments can be merge or eliminated a miss opportunity here do anybody in
the PPS dist know what money comes
in and out of each DEPARTMENT somewhere we lost track of our FISICSAL SPENDING RESPONSIBILITY maybe we need ACT 47 come in as the City of Pgh. has in place my
conclusion PPS just like to spend
money with n o ACCOUNTABILITY what
PPS waste the average area school
dist. don't have enough to run their school dist. what would happen if PPS have to live on like
schools in Clairton or Duquesne dist. think about PPS

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing perhaps one of the most incoherent posts ever to appear on Pure Reform's blog. Did you notice that the topic here is education?

Anonymous said...

"Incoherent" ?????? Every word was understood! Sorry that you did not get it- OR - needed to be critically superior and/or impervious to differences in expression.

Anonymous said...

To answer the person that wants fact finding of other departments. It IS a fact that the Central Office has requested a 10% budget cut from the operational budget (thats the budget that pays for salaries and materials such as paper, pens etc..) from departments within the District for three consecutive years and has once again asked for a 10% reduction from July to December of this year. Most departments have cut everything they could to keep from cutting jobs. But, it looks like the 2012 budget reductions will cause a reduction in personnel from these departments that have already been providing the Central Office to balance the budget while the Central Office grew larger. One last thing, when the need for job cuts comes along, you can be sure that the first people to be on the street will not be the $100,000 a year people at the Administration Building, it will be the low level employees that really keep this school district running.

Anonymous said...

Here's a challenge for anyone who wants to have an inkling as to the waste in PPS: on any given day, take a ride over to the Greenway Center and take a gander at what 'workers' are doing over there. Among the things you will see is that they spend a great deal of time either doing nothing, drinking coffee or reading novels. They go to lunch, then come back and do more of the same. Or take a ride over to Bellefield Avenue and walk around for a few hours. Take a good, hard look at what people are doing.

Then ask yourself---why are my tax dollars funding these people, who have absolutely no effect on my kids in the schools themselves. These are tough economic times. How is it that janitors, tradesmen, secretaries and teachers are being let go to keep these individuals on the payroll????

And don't even get me started about useless administrators or the PELA program that builds more useless administrators.

Anonymous said...

I am confused. I looked up the organizational chart

Page one names do not 100% match up with her named cabinet in the article.