Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Proposed education cuts

From the PG:


Anonymous said...

Dr. Lane's 10% isn't going to cut it now with PPS potentially losing $34 million. Will she slash Bellefield staff or teachers? This is the $64,000 question.

Also, if they change how lay-offs are done, (no seniority) this is right up the Board's alley. They can get rid of the higher paid teachers easier and replace them with ones that start at $40,000.

Since the Teachers' Academy and Gates money is already in place, they can furlough the older teachers and replace them with ones from the Academy. Case closed.

Anonymous said...

lets call it the Gates/Broad education cuts.
i alway said PPS should be called The Gates/Broad Dist.

Anonymous said...

What are the anticipated class sizes? What schools will close? 34 million is serious cash.

And yes this is Broad/Gates controlled.

a-parent said...

Based on what the public heard at a recent community meeting principals are still sharing class size projections and number of classes per grade based on "pre-Corbett budget announcement". If you listen, the question consistently comes up anytime parents meet with any administrators, "how many kids per class?" (An aside, even any move to AP in a restructuring of CAS will result in bigger class sizes, right? Fewer teachers, right? And is that how you make teachers more effective, have fewer of them?)

If we do not see a lot of modifications to the proposed budget the poor guy could end up as a one-term governor and that would just throw off the pattern of officeholder.

Anonymous said...

While everyone else was sleeping. Mark Roosevelt knew when to take the money and run.