Thursday, March 24, 2011

South Vo-Tech Annex

On another post Mark Rauterkus wrote:

"Making the South Vo-Tech Annex building the site for the RHVAC and welding programs instead of moving them to Pittsburgh Oliver.

What do you all make of this insight/vote?"


Anonymous said...

Maybe compensating Jean Fink for having to give up the Arlington project?

Anonymous said...

Couldn't it just be that the location just made more sense?

Questioner said...

yes but it probably also made more sense a year ago when is cte plan was developed.

Anonymous said...

Anyone that injected logic into the mix has been fired, shuffled or let go.

If it makes sense yet rubs a board member the wrong way, the board member will not only win on that issue. It gets pushed to the next level. If Jean Fink or Colazzi care about it logic goes out the window. This is not being about fair. They certainly do not care, unless it impacts their neighorhoods.

It is not fair unless you believe african american citizens deserve a sub-par education.

It is that simple.

Anonymous said...

They never should have done away with South Vo-Tech's programs in the first place. They are now re-instituting programs(CTE)they deemed not needed a few years ago. Not everyone is or wants to go to college (Pittsburgh Promise or not).