Thursday, March 3, 2011

Integration by achievement

A school district in NC was in the news after abandoning its procedures for socioeconomic integration. According to a recent NYT article the NAACP submitted a complaint to the US Dpt of Education Office for Civil Rights, which is investigating whether the new policies have lead to resegregation, and that a national school accreditation agency is conducting a similar investigation.

Now the NC district is considering a new plan: integration by achievement. Under the plan, "no school would have an overwhelming number of failing students."


Questioner said...

In Pittsurgh we seem to be taking the opposite approach and "disintegrating" by achievement.

Anonymous said...

well to me it seems like a back door plan to get voucher(s) in PPS
i am pretty sure parent(s) be impress from Shadyside to send their kids to a school in Homewood!!!that's one way to bring some wealth into Homewood,also we can revamp the curriculum for the poor students to make it look like they came from well to do neighborhood,PPS will try anything
anybody do a research or fact finding let me know.