Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Charter schools increasing share of enrollment in DC

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DC Schools Enrollment Declines As Charter Population Rises.
The Washington Times (2/14, Howell) reports that though the population of Washington, DC, grew by some 16,000 residents between April 2010 and June 2011, the public school system's enrollment declined by 439. "By contrast, enrollment in public charter schools increased by 8 percent. The popularity of charter schools, particularly among parents sending their children to pre-kindergarten classes, is part of a 2 percent increase in overall enrollment in all public schools," according to a city audit.
The AP (2/14) reports that the DC Office of the State Superintendent for Education released the data Monday, noting that it indicates that "there are now more than 31,000 students in the district's charter schools. That's 41 percent of the district's total public school enrollment. More than 45,000 students attend traditional public schools. Mayor Vincent Gray says the enrollment figures 'clearly show that parents have confidence in District schools.'" The Washington Post (2/14) also covers this story in its "DC Schools"

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The tide can change quickly. Already we have programs in place like 9th grade nation and the advisory component that comes with it. Charter school are riding the wave of good press, but not always great scores.