Thursday, February 23, 2012

Clayton Academy conract extended

From the Tribune:


Anonymous said...

Independent Audit needed

Anonymous said...

Agreed! The answers to Mr. Brentley's questions are very carefully worded, such that one must question what is not being said. The same with Theresa Colaizzi's queries

Explanations though seemingly detailed are questionable. Critical pieces are missing.

The privatization of public education is a huge issue here.

How do you get an independent audit?

Randall Taylor said...

This is an obvious move to privatize Alt. Ed. in the PPS. This is most dangerous because these are our most vulnerable children with NO advocates. When you couple that with a for-profit company that is a troublesome combination.
The Administration should speak frankly about the assigning of ten or one year weapons charges students (many students with weapons charges could be anything deemed at the moment a weapon. In many instances they are kids who made a mistake. This is why the District give nearly every student accelerated return) to CEP.

I always priortized ALT. ED. because I felt someone should. The best route was for the District to Charter an Alt. Ed. School. This would allow different strategies and people to be employed. Yet, I strong partnership with the District must, and would, exist. The District could even become an Alt. Ed. resource for other School District, and generate income.
The creation of CEP was all politics. I fear the politics are continuing.