Friday, February 24, 2012

City championships

On another post Mark Rauterkus wrote:

M"iddle school sports!
New posting perhaps?

In other news, on SATURDAY, in one day, at noon at Peabody HS Gym is the City Championship Basketball game for the boys and at 1:30 pm at the same venue is the game for the girls.

Boys game, noon, is Pgh Obama vs. Allderdice.

Girls game, 1:30 pm, is Westinghouse vs. Allderdice.

Go if you can and cheer for our kids.

Next Saturday, at 10 am, at Pitt's swim pool, Trees Hall, is the City Swim Championships with all the teams."


Anonymous said...

The point continues to be, we are in a district where the administration believes that cutting needed assets to students growing as individuals-- teachers, supplies, transportation to school and now sports--makes more sense than cutting the incredible bloat in the buildings on Bellefield Avenue, Greenway and other locations.

There are countless jobs within this district that are NOT ESSENTIAL. They have nothing to do with academic achievement and/or social, emotional, psychological and physical maturation of students.

And yet, Dr.Lane and her budget gurus will cut there before cutting their own.


(Oh, and let's not forget PFT staff on the South Side. They are largely on PPS Salaries too. Cut them IMMEDIATELY, as they are simply adjuncts of PPS)

I only take solace in this fact:
VP's and Deans will be kicked back to the classroom in all of this. We'll be left with principals and "PELA Directors/Do-Nothings/Know-nothings" As such, I am happy to think that these VPs and deans, who have gleefully fired numerous teachers over the past year, may fall victim to the very RISE program they fired others through. Love it. That's instant karma.

To all interested, take a moment and read the board minutes for January. We have never seen the list of resignations that we do now. This district is forcing focused teachers to resign. What does that tell you?

Anonymous said...

The PFT staff on the SS has come up on the blog in the past. Parents were told at least once that even though they are listed in the personnel report on special assignment or some such wording that the union reimburses the PPS for the amount of the salaries. What are the facts on this?

Anonymous said...

City could save money by getting rid of pointless playoffs and just holding city championship between Obama and Allderdic. These two teams accounted for 15 of the 18 city champions last year (probably even worse this year).

Anonymous said...

Allderdice Boys and Girls teams won today!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't U Prep have enough players for teams of their own?

Anonymous said...

anon 6:56, you are funny!!

Mark Rauterkus said...

No P-G coverage of the girls game?

U-Prep does have enough students to have a team of its own. I also suggested that. More participation is better than less. More teams, more starters, more coaching, more player. We win by addition.

I am NOT sure what is going to happen with U-Prep and basketball.

A school in Michigan started from 9th grade a few years ago. Those students split from another school and the school grew year by year so now it had grades 9 to 12. But the school fielded full varsity squads when it had only 9th, 10th and 11 graders. The years with just 9th, the school had 9th grade teams. Then JVs and 9th and so on.

PPS needs varsity opportunities -- but -- also opportunities to develop on JV, Freshmen and Intramural teams too. (both boys and girls, of course)

U-Prep and Sci-Tech are always going to be combined for HS and Middle School sports, it seems, as a policy.

Mark Rauterkus said...

BTW, all the teams that played in the City Championships SHOULD be playing another game in the PIAA Tournament as well. Times, dates, opponents and locations are not known to me.

So, WHS girls, Dice girls, Obama boys and Dice boys all should have at least one more game and they may go up against WPIAL squads.

When anyone sees those pairings and details -- please post.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a foregone conclusion that sports are going to be lopped off at the middle school level--I would guess softball and baseball--and that very quickly, we will see some sports either go at the high school level or see a pay to play maneuver.
It's pretty clear that this administration will cut everything before it cuts their own.

Just what will happen when Gates money runs out next year?

If you think things are bad now, just wait. You have a number of individuals within PPS administration who are hellbent on getting rid of teachers. This is their lot in life. And they are going to keep jobs while kids lose out?