Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fadzen testimony continues

From the Tribune:


Anonymous said...

I'm not the biggest fan of Fadzen, but he asked for an open hearing. So now the public will know exactly what's going on.

I give him a lot of credit for that.

Ashamed to Work Here said...

How long is this going to continue?

This was originally scheduled for four days. We are five hearing days into this and the Board still hasn't finished their case.

With no less than four law firms racking up billable hours on the district's behalf - Goehring, Rutter & Boehm; Campbell Durrant Beatty Palombo & Miller; Andrews and Beard; Law Offices of Ira Weiss - there is no end sight.

The court transcript alone is 10 inches thick.

Truly a breathtaking moment in local government. The district is easily into $250,000 since September 2011 before just the agency hearing is over.

Anonymous said...

Fadzen needs to move on in PPS life with his arrogance and King Tut mentality-have some dignity he crossed line with bad judgments outweighing his correct judgments.

This mock trial is a sham so he can scramble his reputation to look great-by contaminating the facts. Resign and take your money-save taxpayer dollars.

Yes, give up your arrogance-it gave you way too many rights to not think before act or in your issues from your poor judgment reactions.

Anonymous said...

The 12:22 post sounds a bit threatening!

Anonymous said...

The sixth day of the hearing is over and yes, the district's case is not over. Why has it taken so long? Good question. I guess they haven't proven their case enough to rest. For a bankrupt school district, we sure can spend the taxpayers money with those billable hours. Wow!!!
We could have called back a few teachers or kept a program going for the rest of the school year.

Anonymous said...

Obviously 12:22 post does not understand that the Chief is not doing a disservice to the taxpayers of this city, but a huge service. You need to look no further than Penn State, the Boy Scouts or the Catholic Church to see that the "see no evil, report no evil" approach under the guise of "it's in the best interest of the child" may be efficient in the short run, but in the long run it will cost you, the child, and the taxpayer big time!

Maybe they should call as witnesses the teachers union, the principals association, and the parents of the students of PPS and ask them how they feel about the job the Chief and his officers do to keep our children safe. They are the best, and as a teacher I salute them.

The bottom line here is not about image, it is about kids being really safe in our schools so we can do our jobs. Under MR, Lane and Fischetti's policies we continue to get more unsafe everyday and sooner or later we will have a major tragedy. Then the image they so desperately want to protect will be totally lost forever.

They will fire the Chief, they know it, and he knows it, but finally someone has had the courage to stand up to the bullies of Central Administration and the law department, and the district will be a better place for it.

Maybe we should do an approval rating of the Superintendent, Chief of Staff, Solicitor and the Chief. I think the Chief would win by a landslide and it would be a see you later for the other three.

Anonymous said...

Ira's buddies at Buchanon Ingersoll are probably dying for a piece of this action.

A Word from Bellefield said...

Anon 11:10:

Funny you should ask for a survey.

The school district used to do a school satisfaction survey that rated each central office. The district had longitudinal data from this survey to compare results over time.

The Chief of Staff and Superintendent of Schools put an end to this survey the year that their respective departments finished at the bottom.

Because he wouldn't suppress the results of the survey, the data manager from IT wore a bullseye on his back.

Linda Lane, sworn to carryout the Roosevelt roadmap, made sure Jack was gone with the June cuts.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we have surveys at schools from students responding about their teachers performace. We have surveys from staff responding about their administrators performance. However, the MR regime discontinued the survey in which each school's Leadership Team and PSCC responded about the performance of various Central Office departments.

It is amazing that all of these survey expenditures are justified by the Board to collect data about every employee who touch a child. So why aren't the Board members questioning the Superintendent on why the survey that used to rate Central Office departments was discontinued? I would think that the survey results should be reviewed and considered by the Board members as vehicle to evaluate Central Office employees.

The Bellefield responder hit the nail on the head when they said Jack lost his job for publishing the results of MR's staff performance. He went against the grain and paid dearly by his position that was terminated. The Board has a moral obligation to look into the termination of Jack's position and make it right. I doubt that will happen so at minimum, the Board needs to reinstitute the Central Office survey evaluation with input from the schools staff and PSCC.

Anonymous said...

The Fadzen people coming to post here about protecting our children and inserting Penn State analogies-are misinterpreting many parents’ opinions etc. Fadzen needs to move on in PPS life he crossed line with bad judgments outweighing his correct judgments. Especially, when it is not our children.

But, about his Time in PPS school car. This post is from a parent and taxpayer-there is thin red line of judgment-apparently the Board has the burden to prove-and it is another win for the good cop versus bad cop because the Board is thin with real expertise when it disposing of non-teachers.
Do not let us be fooled this hearing is about his bad reactions or responses that did not involve our children.

Why all this waste of money-Fazden will keep appealing. All of us will still be seeing his name on PPS Payroll this upcoming September 2012-schools will be closed and teachers laid off. This can go on for two years and he will be able to retire with SS and pension at that age.

When one tells the truth it sees both sides-yes as a taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

ANON from February 18, 2012 11:10 AM

Are You are a loyalist using the word Chief in your post? That is ok-we are reading the Fadzen’s side. The matter of this whole thing is not surveys, etc. Many do not know him-why equating the Catholic Church and Penn State-many of us know of the incidents regarding teachers, students that made headlines as crimes from PPS. But, you cannot inject more comments about crimes even hidden-intervening with further conspiracy to contaminate common sense of a PPS parent. Apparently, they replaced the Chief-now we need to move on to replace other PPS Chiefs-Are we going to have the same mess getting rid of them.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if this case is continuing?

Anonymous said...

Yes. March 8,9 and10th and it's gonna get real juicy

Anonymous said...

Here is a great guy who only didn't the shaft from bel field but from some of his own people .these people tend to forget he was allwas there for them .how fast you suck up to who ever is in charge.its not just with safety ,it through out the distric.fazden allwas shot straight with you no sugar coating.i hope he comes out with every thing he knows and he knows a lot .he helped many of his own people in need and they turn around and sue either because they were fired by Pete c (Chris b)or dr lane an 9 out 10 times the board settles .and all he was doing was his job.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 4;34, I was beginning to think there was a gag order issued and I had missied it.

Anonymous said...

Might the lack of news on the latest round of testimony signal that there is a settlement in the works?

michaeldonaldalker73 said...
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Anonymous said...

Show me a man who has done no wrong and I will show you someone who is not human. The good Lord said, "why do you concern yourself with the splinter in your neighbors' eye the whole while ignoring the log in your own". Then again he says, " let he who has not sinned be the one to cast the first stone." I just find it so hypercritical that nobody had anything to say about the the Chief for 17 years as he faithfully served this community with all his heart and soul, but now all of a sudden he is going above and beyond his duty. Since when is going above and beyond your duty a crime? People should show some respect for the people who give our community their all and they should be mindful of how much we are in need of such community leaders like Chief Garden who took his job serious and cares about the safety and well being of our children. Think about how few people in his position that take their job for granted and good really care less about the safety of our children. The Chief will be sadly missed by Alot of children who did know him personally. Maybe some of the children who really knew him should have been able to testify at his hearings then we all might have a better understanding of how they feel about him instead of all the political mud slinging. I have a disabled cousin who is a student with special needs and he loved when the Chief would show up at Christmas sometimes dresses like Santa bearing gifts for all the kids. This is the Chief that I know and love. May he find peace in his heart atleasr knowing that there are some of us who truly know him and love him.

Anonymous said...