Saturday, February 18, 2012

Third party observers for teacher evaluations

On another post Anonymous wrote:

“In New York, 2,118 of the city's 75,000 teachers were deemed unsatisfactory last year under the current two-tier evaluation system, in which the only other option is satisfactory. But officials said they expected the number of poor ratings to substantially increase under the new system.”

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Anonymous said...

OK, so last year roughly 3% of New York city teachers were rated unsatisfactory. And evidently that number is too low for some people.

This is just crazy. What percentage of, say, NY police detectives were rated unsatisfactory last year? I'll bet it's way less than 3%.

Nobody gets upset about that.

But boy, we've got to get those teacher unsatisfactory numbers up, way up.

It would be easier (and just as fair) to use the old Roman army decimation system of group punishment. Just randomly pick one teacher out of every ten and fire them.

Don't look at student misbehavior, violence in the schools, weird curriculum or anything like that. Just fire every tenth teacher.

Anonymous said...

Well written diary by a teacher on Daily KOS.
Link below.
How we're doing evaluation could destroy teaching.