Sunday, February 12, 2012

EET program report

On another post Anonymous wrote:

"It would be interesting and informative if teachers responded to the following report which was presented by Marni Pastor, a former Broad Foundation Resident/Director, on Tuesday evening February 7th at the BOARD'S Education Meeting.

Empowering Effective Teachers
Project Report:
Rewards & Recognition
Education Committee Meeting
February 7, 2012 "


Anonymous said...

Let me respond. RISE/Empowering Effective Teachers is one thing and one thing only: a way to thin the herd.It is a way to fire teachers. Period.
There is no pot of gold in all of this, and that people who were washouts themselves in the classroom often sit in judgment and then fire teachers is outrageous.
I pray those doing the firing get theirs one day.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:58, you got that right.

What I find most disgusting is the phrase "Empowering Effective Teachers".

The program is the exact opposite.

It is meant to restrict teachers to a very, very narrow path. And then to fire those teachers who stray the slightest bit from that path, even if by accident.

It is as disgusting as putting the label "tasty treat" on a bottle of poison.

And to think that the leadership of the union signed off on all this. They even brag about RISE in their newsletters to the membership!

Questioner said...

Anonymous wrote (accidentally deleted):

"First, money isn't everything.

Second, many times the eventual reward is not even close to the amount of aggravation that a teacher is put through.

Third, the reward/incentive that is offered assumes that you haven't been doing a good job up until now; that this incentive will finally make you get off your behind and teach.

The vast majority of teachers that I know in the district are hard working. They are there because they, at least at one point, wanted to make a difference and give back to the community. They do their best EVERY day because that is the standard they hold themselves to. It's called being a professional. Something I think that the administration and board forget all to often."

Anonymous said...

The most unbelievable part of this is that teachers actually voted for this in the first place. To vote for a contract that was not even complete and to trust a union that will not even assign newly voted in officers is beyond belief. The idiots that voted for all of this are to blame. I hope you all feel empowered as you contemplate unemployment and wonder how this happened. I was taught a long time ago to never sign anything until it is read. Your greed and inability to not drink the koolaide has now changed the entire game. You believe what they feed you and now you must live with what you created.