Thursday, February 23, 2012

Heinz grant $1 million

From the PG:


Questioner said...

Link to article by Pedro Noguera where he discusses the need to mitigate the effects of poverty on student achievement. He discusses a strategy that combines

"research-based education strategies with school-based social services, after-school programs and interventions to increase the capacity of schools to respond to issues that are endemic to the social and environmental context, such as the need for health, nutrition, jobs and safety".

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that you have narrowed the work of Dr. Pedro Noguera to a single article that supports "poverty" as the cause of the achievement gap.

Please avail yourself of his many books which focus on race, racism and the lack of equity as the cause.

Noguera is a prolific writer on "closing the achievement gap" and if you had attended several of his appearances here in Pittsburgh over the past two years, perhaps your focus would be more realistically applicable to the problems in PPS.

Investigate his books. There is much to learn in his writing and research.

Noguera is heavily scheduled weekly, even daily across this nation. It raises the question of how much time he, personally, will spend in Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Mark Brentley was on target to question the number of hours, days, specifically that will be spent here for the $150,000 that has been allocated for this work.

Yes, he will supervise the work of Metro, but it would be preferrable to guide and support the work, internally, of Pittsburgh educators.

If Pedro Noguera's contact includes only Central Office, his expertise will be LOST to the populations in our schools!

Questioner said...

No doubt Mr. Noguera has said and written much, but it seems clear that he supports mitigating the effects of poverty as one of the tools for attacking disparities in achievement.

Anonymous said...

Keep the money Heinz, it will not ever filter down to the students or teachers.

Money in this district is threwn away when our kids suffer.

Trickle down economics never worked, and Trickle down education is nothing but away to keep people who do not work directly with children employed for big money.