Wednesday, February 8, 2012


From Education Week:

Maybe it's time to retire the word "dramatic" used in connection with school reform.


Anonymous said...

Retire the word "dramatic"?

Clearly, you have not read the article. It speaks about schools in New York and New Jersey that are literally "turning around." It is "dramatic."

Have you heard Pedro Noguera (one of the writers of "What Really Works in Turning Schools Around?") when he was here in Pittsburgh several times over the past few years? If not, why not?

This article provides "keys to successful turnaround."

The same issue has another article for 'MUST READ.' See: "We Can Overcome Poverty's Impact on School Success" on page 24.

Questioner said...

Can you provide a link to this article- also the names of a few specific schools with high poverty in high crime level neighborhoods with a high level of success over a period of time (5 years or so)- they would be great models.