Thursday, February 23, 2012

STAR awards

On another post Anonymous wrote:

"Please Purview and Post

Will be starry-eyed with extra cash up to $6000-Will this work-and where is the money coming from-a falling star to place in pockets as incentives during layoffs and school closures?

Read enclosed link at end of post-here are just a few Gist excerpts from article.

When will schools receive information on STAR status?
STAR launches at the start of the 2011‐12 school year. STAR status will be based on the results on statewide assessments which are administered in the Spring of each school year. Therefore, STAR status will be determined in the Fall of the following school year. STAR results will be included on School value added
reports starting in 2012‐13.
6. Who can earn the STAR award? How much do they earn?
If the school’s student growth places it in the top 15% of schools in the state,every PFT‐represented staff member earns a STAR award.

Full‐time professionals will receive up to $6,000 per person, and paraprofessionals and
technical clerical staff will receive up to $2,000. Part‐time staff will receive aprorated award based on the number of days they are assigned to a particular
STAR applies to all teachers – regardless of grade or subject area. This includes special education teachers and early childhood program teachers.

How many schools can earn an award?

There is no limit to the number of PPS schools that could earn a STAR award.
Since PPS schools are compared to schools across the state, every school in PPS could be a winner if their student growth places them in the top 15% of
schools in the state.

Also, it is the intention of the STAR Schools plan to reward and recognize at least eight schools a year. Accordingly, if there are fewer than eight PPS schools in the top 15% of state‐wide growth then PPS school(s) "


West End Mom said...

How well does this initiative align with project TRIM (teachers reduced in mass)?

Anonymous said...

How can they afford this, they are going to give money to 8 schools not matter what their scores are. All this stuff is a joke.