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How we got where we are Part XXXVI (October 2009 cont'd)

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How we got where we are, part 36, October 2009, continued...

October 21, 2009: Evidencing Mark Roosevelt's long-term commitment to Pittsburgh – he would announce his departure not even a year later and frankly would spend much of the next year looking for his next job – the Board approves a five-year extension for the Superintendent.

Very interesting features of the contract include the provision that “for each year of completed service as Superintendent, the District will continue to pay the cost of a life insurance policy as designated by Superintendent in an annual amount equal to $28,650, with such payment commencing in the first August following Superintendent's separating from service with the District....and continuing in each August thereafter based on two (2) years of payments for each year of completed service as Superintendent under this Contract and under any prior agreements between the District and Superintendent ("deferred life insurance payments").

Roosevelt's new contract with a starting salary of $225,000 per year was quite sympathetic to his cash flow needs, requiring that “in addition to other payments provided for in this Contract, within twenty-one (21) days following the execution of this Contract by all parties, the District shall pay the Superintendent in cash $16,150, less applicable employee withholding taxes.”

The District further “shall pay the legal costs incurred by Superintendent in connection
with negotiation of this Contract by paying such legal costs as Superintendent incurs such costs, which will not be subject to tax withholding, consistent with applicable law. The District also shall pay in cash to Superintendent, on or before December 31,2009, an amount equal to twenty percent (20%) of the total amount of such legal costs, which amount will be subject to tax withholding, consistent with applicable law.”

Mr. Brentley objects that the Board only received the contract 48 hours before the meeting. As to the alleged threat that others will hire Roosevelt, Brentley responds: “I have yet to see one e-mail, letter, fax, from any organization, or school district that has expressed an interest in pulling Mark Roosevelt.” Mr. Brentley, you really have no idea just how correct you were. Roosevelt launched a thousand job seeking inquiries in his time at PPS, only to learn that the only suitor was a closed college that would open with 35 students.

Ira Weiss, clearly grateful for the amount of business Roosevelt created for him, responds: “I would only comment that the Board has expressed a desire to add stability to the governance of the District through a commitment of five years.”

Brentley, obviously angry that PPS' aggregate statewide ranking did not move at all during Roosevelt's tenure, argues that “I would like some accountability in my community, and there is nothing here, there is no measurables, where we can tie in to making and holding this administration accountable.”

In order to skirt the law on Superintendent's contracts, Weiss has Roosevelt first resign then have the Board approve the five year agreement, steps that seem to only both Brentley and Taylor.

To be continued. Yes, this meeting is THAT good.

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