Sunday, January 22, 2012

How we got where we are Part XXXVII (October 2009 cont'd)

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How we got where we are, part 37, October 2009, continued...

October 21, 2009: Mathematica Research receives yet another contract. Yes, that Mathematica, the firm that Paul Gill, the former PPS Chief Operations Officer and Broad Superintendent's Academy graduate (certificated in seven weekends!) that stayed less than one year, would see his son Brian leave the RAND Corporation for.

Randall Taylor exposes how the curriculum-industrial complex operated during the Roosevelt/Lane/Fischetti/Weiss administration: “I would just hope that as the Board goes forward, that we just won't, as this one here passes through, not remembering a little bit of history. That the person who originally had worked -- who had worked with Mathematica, was I believe -- I forget his name, but it was either Brian Gill, or that was his son, Mr. Gill worked for the RAND Corporation, and you remember they -- Mr. Brentley, that they put forward the graduation rate that we argued very much about, you know, that report, and questioned its accuracy, and the like.”

“And then I believe Mr. Gill left here, and went to Mathematica Corporation, and then immediately I believe he received a contract for or Mathematica received a contract for $130,000, to do work around evaluating our math programs, and he came and gave a one -- I think a one meeting report, that all of our math programs were all about the same, everyone is good.”

“And then now, you know, we see another major contract with this company, and the District had never worked with Mathematica before. So I am not saying again that anything is, you know, wrong, or amiss here, but what I am saying is that relationships develop among people in the educational industry, and each one takes care of, you know, the other. They leave positions, you go with this company, you know, and sometimes again these things aren't in the best interest of the District. I am not saying that at all about this contract, I am not saying anything is wrong, or anything is in a state of amiss, but I am just saying you have to be aware that these things happen, and try to think back at some history, and maybe try to look at who is on these Board of Directors, and who is on these things, because again Pittsburgh isn't immune to that educational industry, and the people involved.”

“It is a big, multibillion dollar industry in this country, and there is many times when these groups come through, we have no need for them, they come through, they do a study and report that nobody ever uses, and they have walked away with 200, 300, half a million dollars.”

“And so I was just saying, on this one, this is obviously somebody again that we have had a relationship with in the past, it was again strange that he leaves to go to another company, and boom, there is a contract, almost immediately, at his new position. So, I'm only saying that I think the Board should -- should again watch these contracts, watch who is involved, watch where they are going, and try to remember a little bit of history.”


Anonymous said...

Sometimes ya just gotta wonder if the secondary purpose of education is to create jobs.

Anonymous said...

Right now that seems to be the ONLY purpose.

Schools no longer require Superintendents, Directors, Administrators, or Teachers with certifications or experience.

I heard today that at U-Prep they are cutting and English/ELA/Reading teacher and a Math teacher---now---a month before the PSSA?

As we heard on Sunday's broadcast of the Legislative Meeting, there is no priority for directly advancing education in schools. The money goes to dozens of other venues and PPS keeps hiring people to do useless jobs---such as additional "screeners" for applications when there are already 2,000 on the eligibility list at the same time they are laying off teachers?????

Anonymous said...

Two errors:
1. It was the Agenda Review Meeting; and,
2. They are "cutting an English/ELA/Reading and . . . ."