Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Link to site devoted to restoring funding for public education:


Two steps- 1) We need funding but 2) We need to spend wisely (see posts re: heavy funding on consultants, marketing, administration, poorly thought out moves, etc).


Anonymous said...

Well I think our school Colfax will be ok because our Board Rep, Sharene Sheally has a kid here. Sheally has fought hard for Colfax and will take linda Lane or any other board member to task about us.
But I must admit I do worry about the other schools in her district. If she does not atleast pretend like she cares about them, people from Homewood may see right through what she is doing and it could affect us.

Anonymous said...

The problem is PPS's administration does not know what to do about the miseducations of African American kids. If we could get a handle on this, we would be doing great.

Dr. Lane is doing a fair job for the schools that do not have a large minority population and relates better to this group than African Americans. But what else should anyone expect. look at where she comes from. Iowa! You ever been there? Its not a heavly populated diverse place. But we knew that comming in and what we were getting with her when we hired her. She didnt hide it. But we wanted to apease the African Americans and look like we were doing the right thing. The problem is we choose one that did not connect. Now the joke is on all of us as well as our district is in the worst shape as it ever has been.

Dr. Lane let it be known when she met with the principals. She told them she had not worked around many African Americans staff our students. She does not relate to her own and is too shame to ask for help. She showed us her style with Westinghouse and the Homewood community. And now she is about to do the same to the Northside with Oliver and Perry. Pittsburgh is way to urban for her and she knows it too. So we need to get her some help or politely ask her to leave.

Finally lets be honest. The confusion with Dr. Lane comes in with her look and hair. Because she wears her hair notted up we all assumed she understood the situation and could be allances with the communities and the largest population pps serves. Boy were we wrong. We showed our mniority community that we can give them a visual of what they want and still control it. The experiment is over now. We won, but its only a peric victory. Now lets get down to business. Its time to find someone else, White or Black that can really help our district and all of our kids.

Anonymous said...

Our strongest superintendents were ones from within-- also besy adminstrators -- worst were from searches -- butterfield--dale frederick--we dont hire mayors from other cities after a search party! This is why theconsultants know. Nothing--and the teach for america people --best people in all positions -- admin / personnel/ have come up throughvthe ranks/ definitely strongest principals!

Anonymous said...

12:01 - Agreed, no doubt! The strongest people develop from within. They get it! They are bright, strong, intuitive, hard-working, coming up through the ranks they able to access the knowledge and connections needed to excel here, and passionate about developing the potential of our Pittsburgh kids.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1:28, you post so many inaccuracies and half truths that it should be on the National Enquirer site, not this one. Quit taking the easy way in playing the race card.
The simple truth is that Dr.Lane is near retirement. She may have been an educator but does not want to rock the boat so close to retirement and allows the corporate model to roll untethered. Who can blame her?
But to make ridiculous comments that state that her appearance breeds discomfort is reprehensible.
All teachers believed she would provide some much needed fresh air. All teachers gave her a fair chance. While we're extremely disappointed that she will not throw the Roosevelt model into the gutter where it belongs, most of us know the horror that would come if one of her lieutenants was allowed to become superintendent.
God forbid. God forbid.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you anon 1.28. Please! Dr. Lane is pure window dressing. Lets quit kidding ourself. We need a real home grown superintendent to get us back on track. Dr. lane and many of her current and former crew are carpet bagers and need to go back from wenst they came.
Of the current people left at the board or in retirement, can any one think of a few names left that could handle the job? If so lets let Dr. lane get here retirement, hire a this interim and see how they do, and lets get back to the busness of educating our students.