Friday, January 20, 2012

Incident at Pgh Greenfield

From the PG:


Questioner said...

Tribune article on the same incident:

Anonymous said...

According to KDKA news, a student witnessing the incident came home upset, told her parents, and that was how the media got this story. This is the biggest fallout from the behavior problems-some students are very upset from the classroom behaviors. The excuses of students with problems etc. dont change the fact that children who arent raised with violence and dont watch violence in the media see alot of things you wouldnt want your child to see.

Anonymous said...

Two things occur to me:

1) Somehow this was the teacher's fault. RISE will make that clear.

2) We'll have to find a way to cover this up on the kid's record. After all, we want everyone on the pathway to the promise.

Can someone call Judy Johnston? She has all the answers.

Ashamed to Work Here said...

No one here is following standard operating procedure. All media leaks are blamed personally on Chief Fadzen.

Since he's not on active duty, however, step two in the Roosevelt/Lane/Fischetti/Weiss playbook is turn the investigation of the leak (remember it's not the incident that bothers this crowd, it's the fact that the world knows about it) would be to turn it over to Jody Spolar and Attorney Gretchen Love (from Campbell Durant Beatty).

Jody and Gretchen will conduct no investigation other tha to try to nail down the source of the media leak. Either the office of the chief of staff or student services will remove the original school police files, as though that somehow means the incident will now never have happened.

As the investigation of the media leak continues, Ira will call upon his Keystone Cops (getting fired from the State Police qualifies you to spend vast sums of public dollars the Board never approved and you the taxpayer will never know about). "Ira Money" will fund the venture, with the costs just being passed through to PPS as though it was nothing more than some postage. Ira's Private Eye's (collection of folks that couldn't cut it in public service) will fail to interview anyone that could potentially have any information that the administration doesn't want to hear.

As the "who leaked the story" crisis unfolds - I mean really, did you really think the Queens of Spin care that a teacher was assaulted - Comnunications & Marketing will leak counterintelligence to the Trib, assailing the instrucor's classroom management skills.

Teams of monitors - maybe even Judy Johnston - will collect "evidence" of this teacher's shortcomings. A hearing will be scheduled, during which the PFT union rep will doodle and thank themselves for being progressive.

Bill Isler, desperate to keep the private money exchanging hands, will maneuver six votes to suspend then suspend with pay then terminate the suspected "LEAKER" and the poor chap that got pummeled (for good measure, lest anyone be inclined to report crimes to school police).