Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Superintendent performance review from October

Article just now reporting that the Board announced in October that the Superintendent had met performance goals not spelled out in the article, but at the same time stating that "The Tribune-Review determined that Lane fell short in her oversight of changes at Westinghouse High School, where she replaced two co-principals after telling the board about organizational and disciplinary problems at the school".


So the article seems to be saying that the Board announced all goals were met but the Tribune has determined that one of the goals was not met.


Questioner said...

Here is a link to the 2010-11 goals. There are 13 of them:


Questioner said...

But in October she was nevertheless offered the 15k performance bonus:


Anonymous said...

Where are the two principals now? Were they assigned to other schools?

Anonymous said...

Still on paid leave, I believe. Most schools already have more principals/administrators than they need, thanks to PELA and school closings. It really shouldn't take 2-5 people to principal a school.

Love to see them put to work in a classroom instead. That would be grand. Need a long or short term sub? Take a PELA! It would save the cost of the sub and at least they'd be doing something for the money.

Anonymous said...

Just a corporate shill masquerading as a superintendent. She had a great mentor. Isn't it nice that the bastion of objectivity, Carey Harris, can only agree.

Parents, please realize that this superintendent is going to cut 400 teachers in the next couple of months and keep her administrative do-nothings intact.

Wonder if we'll even hear a peep from the public...and Carey Harris.

Anonymous said...

Nice the superintendent did well in every category but Westinghouse. So I guess she is doing a great job because who really cares about Westinghouse any way.

lets be real. Why put any more money or time into Westinghouse? It has some of the worst scores in the state and its in the worst neighborhood in the city.

Very few people from outside of homewood would ever put their kid in that school if they had choice. would put their child in whs if And does the community even care about their own school? Where are the adults who care about WHS? Homewood's board representative, wrote Whs off from day one and no one seems to even chalenge her on it.
Lets just close the school and put all the kids in the east end in Alderdice and call it a day.

1-parent said...

Anon 10:36, I am guessing you were being facetious, right? One of my kid's teachers once told me the trouble with satire is that some people just don't "get it" at all. I am going to take the post as jest.

Angry Taxpayer said...

It's nice to see that with PPS Solicitor Ira Weiss leading the charge for a countywide reassessment - greed is good, eh - that PPS is now paying yet another by the hour (this one from the firm of Campbell Durrant) to plead in Judge Wettick's court that PPS' budget office can't figure out how to account for potential refunds in calculating potential refunds.

As a taxpayer I feel more than a little outraged by this whole fiasco.

A great way to hold Weiss accountable would be to use a different firm to handle PPS' real estate appeals through the end of the 2012 (maybe 2013 by the tine the judge rules today) reassessment process.

What better way to implement an anti-windfall procedure fir the architect of this mess to make sure that he and his firm do not personally profit.

Ashamed to Work Here said...

I can't but wonder if Jody Spolar, Ira Weiss and the keystone cops they hire with "Ira Money" (to keep public relations happy) will be named to Pennsylvania's new task force on child abuse:


Have a complaint? No problem, don't call school police or city police, send it to Jody and Ira.

Have a principal or teacher call police in violation of Jody's protocol? No problem, write them up and rate them out!

Have evidence of reports on the school police computer database? No problem, use Ira's keystone cops to hack it.

Have paper files in the police office? No problem, have public relations remove them.

Have managers that fight this crap? Silence them, send them on their merry way.

Welcome to PPS.

Anonymous said...

I am a little lost on this whole real estate assessment issue and how Ira benefits from it. Can you clarify?

Anonymous said...

No Im not being facetious about westinghouse. Watch this. All those who would send there kids to Westinghouse take one step forward. Oh my, now everyone takes a step backwards, leaving those who are not listening or paying attention in the front of the line.

No one in a real position to send their kids to another school would send them to Westinghouse to be dogged out and used as experiments. The school is in a horible state of affairs. Linda Lane knew this when she made all those fake changes to WHS. She would have never done, or got away with that in any other community.

Homewood and Westinghouse's has been devoid of representation. Their own board representative gave the ok for this. She has been silent and the residents and the community activist have let her off the hook. Now that the real shame.

Now back to my original suggestion. Send every High schooler in the East End to Allderdice. It will save money, exposed the kids to diversity and insure that the best education possible is within reach. How many students can Allerdice hold?

Anonymous said...

Do the disaggregated numbers for Allderdice really show they do a better job educating African-American students than any other school does? PSSA reading scores show they are pretty much the same in terms of % below basic and % advanced for Allderdice and Westinghouse. Math there is about a 20% difference in below basic and 3% difference in advanced. As a teacher at Westinghouse I can tell you that can be attributed to basically one teacher who has since left. Factor in selection bias and it's hard for me to say that Allderdice offers much more.

Questioner said...

The most recent A Plus report shows AA students at Allderdice 22% below basic in reading v. Westinghouse 61% below basic in reading- that's a big difference. Allderdice AA students are 24% advanced in reading v. Westinghouse 3% advanced.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I was using the A+ report from a year earlier. What a change in one year.