Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Pittsburgh Courier article on PPS achievement levels



Anonymous said...

Nice to see a local paper do more than print press releases.

Anonymous said...

What do the PPS schools spend their money on? Not the students.

Administration at 341 s. Belfield

Teachers are spending more and more of their own money to supply their classrooms.

It is a shame what other districts have and what our kids do not have

We have the administration to run a district 4 to 5 time bigger than the PPS.

What a shame

Anonymous said...

To run or to ruin?

Anonymous said...

Ruin, while riding the gravy train

Anonymous said...

John Thompson closed schools to get the district budget in order and he was forced to exit PPS. Interim Superintendents Faison and then King slashed Central Office Administrative staff as a cost savings measure. Then came along Roosevelt. He closed schools, swelled Central office staff, the core curriculums were in constant revisions and still are today, money was spent like PPS had billions in reserves and he was declared a genious even though less than 1 year went by when he fled to Antioch College after signing on for an additional 5 year contract extension. What a difference a few years make. Now under the current post MR administration, Central Office Administrators continue to swell, money is spent on consultant after consultant, grants are sought for pay for performance contracts but what happens when the grant money dries up? What are our Board members thinking or maybe they just aren't thinking? Brentley just may be on to something by suggesting that Central Office staff reach out to retired PPS administrators and teachers for a brainstorming session on the budget and direction of PPS.