Friday, January 13, 2012

Some HS students attend Apprentice Career Day at IUP

From the Tribune:

Any chance PPS sent students, or has a system even been set up to inform students about this type of opportunity so they can go on their own?


Anonymous said...

The programs that are what was once considered Vocational need a champion. For Cosmetology that seems to be Ms. Colaizzi, for trades that seems to be Mrs. Fink. The issue is that no matter how much they appear to be frustrated or outraged that more is not being devoted to those professions that do not require college, nothing seems to change.

Anonymous said...

When are we going to realize that all students are not college bound? Preparing students for a trade so they can be a productive, employable and good citizen working his or her way to earning a piece of the Amewrican Dream. Isn't that what America is all about? PPS as well as other large urban school districts used to value the contribution vocational education afforded students. Now because of federal mandates such as AYP, our school leaders are only focused on core curriculum content hoping that student performance data increases. What a shame but the reality is, it isn't their fault. We all need to voice our concerns to our legislators. NCLB is not working for "ALL" students. Let's provide the students who want to learn a trade the opportunity to do so and those who aspire to move on to higher education, a challenging and rigorous curriculum that will prepare them for the college experience. Schools were never intended to be a one size fits all mentality. It's time for America to recognize that schools are the conduit for students to learn, explore, and cultivate their special interests/talents which in turn develop into their life's work. The key is employability! Our tradesmen and tradeswomen are our future small business owners.